Olivia Jones Blog

It's a new blogger in town.

But not just any! Hamburg, Germany's flagship no-drag queen Olivia Jones has entered the blogosphere. While our one but must strive at all of his readers, needs to increase its readership through content or much output slowly, Olivia may be the same or in the Bunte. operate at T-Online. Let's see, what Olivia has to tell us.

However, when I look at my blog, so it is hardly a blog in the original sense. You can obviously put no links, there is no blogroll and certainly no small mashups. Where is Olivia link me (apart from the fact, that is the question, WHY should this, they could not do it). It's actually more of a column 🙂

No matter. Go Olivia!.

You can find the blog here by the way.

Olivia Jones Blog

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  1. Hello dear Zoe –

    regardless of everything – if or if not…:
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. And lots of gifts – colorful shoes ?? And all of that.


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