Olivia Jones at wife-swapping

Event: 19.April um 21.10 , RTL2

Oh Olivia had to be because? What has ridden up, Apply Nina Queers scale dresses? Than greatest Germany's most famous drag queen but you have to deny yourself new ways, to shimmer and maybe even shock. One has to follow to be the first and not the beaten track. At least I would have expected the.But what I now had in Colorful their blog read:

Speaking “fly”“: Morning and I raise again from à ¢ € â € œ for the RTL2 Wife Swap. I won! I'm going! Where it goes? No idea yet! Arrange just my personal things, so my mother also exchange (m)can live a reasonably uncluttered life.

Olivia Jones So is at RTL2 in Nina Queers Occur footsteps, Already in March 2006 was on Wife Swap. Well, It was a great episode, which was repeated often extremely. The success has RTL 2 probably induced, by Nina now invite Olivia. I'm excited, but it can hardly approve of any.


No matter, Olivia will make sure it well and this is a classic will follow – and yes maybe RTLII pays well.


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