Quelle Katalog

Evidence, that your husband is a transvestite
It reads the Otto catalog from front to back

Dearest source buyers,

what you have you really thought with this year's spring / summer collection in the source catalog? Should this be the next fashion? Not only the fact, that the majority of the collection is just plain boring – He is also without long boring.

Pants, Pants, Pants.

What should I do with it. I'm not become Tranny, around my legs to hide in legs and above all I want to delight also nice legs in high temperatures. This can be seen in skirts but vorzugseweise, Mini skirts or dresses.
I admit, that in the average discount today only about every 20th woman wearing no pants, but that has not yet be forssiert by bad fashion. Otherwise soon trannies are the only persons, wearing a skirt at the disco.

And we do not want that all, or?.

Picture in CC by Oneras


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