Hard bitch Hotel Nuremberg

Since Annabelle in February this was not my travel companion and guide to nuremberg bitch hard, but I had to worry myself with Sheila, of course we were much too late, um im Avenue, come under dairekt the Festival. It was already fully occupied with trannies, when we inquired.

Hotel Nürnberg SchlampenfestToo bad we thought, we are looking for a different sort. Conveniently, it should be good and yet not too far away from the bitch hard. We searched and found a hotel, that all our wishes fulfilled. Das Hotel Leonardo, which is the subject of this blog entry. And we felt comfortable and want to declare to the inclined Trannywelt.

It is 5 € tax bill from the hotel Avenue, has three stars, comfortable beds, terribly friendly staff, a soda bottle (if booked through HRS) free, Wireless, and what is the hammer, great prices.

For 45 € the double room total to get hardly somewhere in Nuremberg, not at the Hotel Avenue and even not at Romantik Hotel.

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by a friendly lady at the reception, which not only gave us the keys, but our battered souls of the trip gave the same with compliments. She noticed, that we were probably the bitch hard because, and we, unlike some other trannies, she knew from the years, would look really good. Already at that time the hotel had already gained with us.

The one with asterisks were then, Sheila batted her eyelashes and asked glued, when we had to check out because. The party would probably longer. “No problem” said the lady at the reception, “though I know it, I can note it.” For safety, we asked again for the evening and they had actually recorded. We could sleep, as long as we wanted.

When we got to after a long night and a good sleep at noon 13:30 freshly styled again appeared at the front desk and explained, that we would now have breakfast once extensively, well that was okay. Checked out we then finally to 18:36.

Compliments, a good room, good beds, friendly staff, a bottle of seltzer and to 8:36 Hours exceeded Check out. More you can for each 22,50 Not really require € per head.

Of us are clearly 5 from 5 possible trans characters.

Hotel Schlampenfest Nürnberg


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