Shopping in Nürnberg

how can you live on a single event for three weeks? I do it before the next article of the bitch hard journey, which even now is really quite a while ago.

What is still missing? The shopping, die Party und the day after.

When I arrived in Nuremberg, led us, na wohin wohl? Sure to shopping in the large pedestrian zone of Nuremberg.

In fact, I really wanted to visit only two stores, namely the Gothic, Rocabilly, Lack & Leder whateverladen Undergroundfashion and probably the most broken shoe shop in Nuremberg Mandolesi.

polkadots.gifThe Underground Fashion store we have found really quickly and we were, as it should be served great. A gorgeous pinup polka-dot dress from Lucky13 I had it, although not my wallet, particularly impressed. While I bitched and moaned about the price, I can not afford it, encouraged me Sheila, yet to try it at least. (Which brings me to the Debtors'). Unfortunately,, or actually better this way, But I had to find, I'm too fat. …No, strictly speaking, it was only my broad cross, that prevented, that this is now my dress.
…shame really.

Then we stöckelten yet determined a three-quarter hour by any shops in the pedestrian zone nürnberger, annoyed us about the booklet for there cobblestones and were pleased about the very many extravagant footwear Nuremberg. Very laudable.

Since I unfortunately did not know, where Mandolesi bedindet, We got lost a whole corner, until we finally found him. Neither here, or anywhere else, however, we have found anything, what we would have to have urgent. The times you have to let it melt on your tongue:

Two trannies, namely two shopaholics high heels for hours through Nuremberg's city center from one shop to the next and and buy NOTHING.
Unbelievable really.

After that, we moved quickly back to the hotel, because slow feet hurt. But how dorthinkommen. For us, it certainly meant 20 without further Fußmarschminuten, somewhere that a taxi would be surfaced. Instead of a taxi but a whole wedding party honking loudly four !!! Time vorbeigekurvt us. I'm not sure, whether Nuremberg has only a circular course or whether the much again us, wanted to see again and again…

Eventually we called a taxi actually, to determine, that we had already walked so far, that our hotel was only a few hundred meters away. The path has certainly not worth it for the taxi driver.


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