Can laugh at themselves

I'm not always entirely serious-looking by now well known.

Hardly a party, I do not have any on the Fido on the head, with Petra exchange the wigs, on any counter, a table dance or otherwise any hill. Would it be at parties or karaoke machines, I would probably even use this without regard to Selbstzermätzelung.


Actually there is only one person on Trannyparties, the opposite itself is still relentless. of course I mean the Blue Coup. Who else is running as Queen Mum on the Reeperbahn and comes with curlers and night dress on a Trannyparty, where else but it comes, look as good as humanly possible.

Q Now, the need is indeed, In contrast to most other visitors Trannyparty, do not worry about, to appear female, because they qua set of chromosomes is already Female. Nevertheless, the lady goes with so mercilessly to themselves, that there is hardly a decent photo of her. Bit bonkers, the good, aber klasse 🙂


But regardless it's great, when people can laugh at themselves, or at least make others smile. Sometimes a private smile helps – and there are always times again visitors of my blog or my pictures, the note, I had a great smile.

But say probably only those, know only my published images, because on most, Extra unpublished images, I smiled sweetly but not just moronic grin. Unfortunately, the line between cute smile and goofy smile is very narrow and mostly I'm closer to the latter.

Much better is that the guy in the following commercial, also brought me to grin. At first I thought, “How stupid” but it really works.


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