Proceed as painlessly on high heels?

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Proceed as painlessly on high heels?

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Again and again I see in my stats look like “Learning to walk in high heels“, “Proceed as painlessly on high heels” or “Instructions for running on high heels“. Mostly will be my next page , with the High Heels is titled, ausgeschmissen.Eigentlich this is only a search engine effect, because as soon as you have a few appropriate words are on his side, and one or the other backlink, one will also appear from time to time. Even the people who end up getting back to me and are looking for high heel videos, I'm not really a big help so far, because I have neither Videos, more

there was a picture here

enlighten me on, how you have become easier or at least less painful to run on high heels kann.Aber what is not, can still be. So this little entry, would actually need only one word:

Well a little more you can tell already have, because a few basic rules you should consider simply.

  • There is no Heelsgöttin fallen from the sky
    to say 0 onto 100 goes wrong. Start with smaller paragraphs to. 4cm – 6cm – 8cm – 10cm – 12cm. Higher than these shoes are not really meant to work anyway.
  • You buy good shoes
    Pay attention when buying shoes to good quality. It's nice, if Deichmann great high heels for € 19,90 brings to the woman / man. Mostly, but not really expecting this. Make sure, that the paragraph is tight and you have a firm stand in the shoes.
  • Fat pads or gel pads
    Look into the footbed and check if a small cushion under the ball and heel is installed. This works wonders and should be available. Otherwise, there is in every shoe store small gel pads or puffs, you can stick in his shoes. The more padding the better.
  • Buy the right size
    Of course shoes look more feminine, if they are smaller. However, if you come inside with pure squeeze into a shoe size, then this is the wrong shoe size for you and you should take a greater number. I have tons of shoes, Although I come into the, that can be taken, however, for a whole evening, not to get angry without me off with his shoe on the choice.
  • Think about the kind of high heels
    Although strappy heels see the leg of divine, offer the beginner, however, little support. Therefore, beginners should start at high altitudes rather Pumps.
  • You can switch shoes
    Take quiet time with heels and wear it to work a couple of hours, go shopping with you or get away. But forget not nomal shoes, to change very fast times can. Some of the phases with time, where you can wear the shoes longer. For exchange to lower high heels high heels is a way. Who, after two hours, the 10 cm wehtuen too much, which are also 6 cm occur as a boon
  • Practice, practice, practice
    Wearing heels not only on special occasions in a blue moon but frequently. Often burdening your balls and work on balance. Proper shoes and lots of practice is the key to minimize pain.

and where we are in the process there is still a little high heels movie from Berlin High Heels Run… and as will be told in:

is a matter of practice, the more often they are wearing, the easier.


4 thoughts on “Proceed as painlessly on high heels?

  1. Unfortunately I have to disappoint you:

    First Glamor Stiletto Run

    First Glamor Stiletto Run in Amsterdam Women who love nothing more than shopping and can use a nice pocket money for that, could earn this nicely during the first Stiletto Run of the fashion magazine Glamor. On 9 March 150 participants at the start in the P.C.Hooftstraat in Amsterdam. They had to 75 meters run in heels of minimum 7 centimeters high and 1,5 centimeter wide. The winner won 10.000 euros to buy clothes. The race that revolved around fashion and fun’ is a good example of getting a lot of publicity.
    The only male participant was Giel Beelen, dj at radio 3FM. He was specially invited by the organization. Despite his rugby suit and helmet, the DJ ended up in the rear. Yet he also received a lot of publicity as the first and last man.

  2. Hehe, it's good. Thanks for the great instructions on how to get fit for the Heel-100m-Run. What about doping in this discipline? Painkillers are approved:)?

  3. Whatever, I'm about to open a Heelrun and of course Heelwalk School in Berlin. So who is better than a Muscovite and ballerina? 23 Minus degrees on cobblestones? So get in touch……HUG KSENIA

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