Melli und im Irrenhouse Mataina

Between Kumpelnest and Irrenhouse we inserted two stops, on the one Sheila (and to me) and finally a Caiplirinha me (and Sheila) finally brought in a hamburger TS. Well rested and waited for the birthday club Nina Irrenhouse to us.

Speaking of waiting; we arrived and were flabbergasted, rather than the typical 50 Meter long snake was time to see any line at the Irrenhouse… So this time we did not pass stöckeln Uirgendwie shame) but also no wait. (somehow not too bad).

Somehow it was different this time than the last times. It was less crowded and it was not as hot. Since both the last time but was almost unendurable, Transferred to mislead this House is not necessarily a disadvantage, because you could really move exceptionally…

And yet something was different… Because no one was waiting outside the door, need not pursue the divas this time their favorite activity – to be late. If hot, that the Trannyshow this point 2 Clock began…

Fortunately, we also gave two point our jackets on and already heard the first notes of the Muppet Show intro, the traditional start of the Trans Show.


Throws you in tails and Fummel
Hello curtain
Get ready for fun and amusement

Always wanted to hear again, always like to see and best comedy.

But was at least just as well this time Mateina. Nina as she announced with the words “yesterday had indeed Adolf Hitler's birthday and there is a person, Celebrating the still. Ah How Sweet Mateina” … was already bad to fear. The stage was of Mateina with black tangled hair, a Hitler mustache, a Freedom Party armband and an old wig boarded as Blondie and she performed great Walter Moers’ Adolf – I sitting in my Bonker. Very very horny. Is there really a better way, Right to show the extended middle finger than this song?
Why the hell has no one photographed. The video of the way, at this point you can Sheila Quote. I promised to take only the original version


…but this I can then use the next number. Melli Magic in bester Marilyn Monroe Manier performter sie “My Heart belongs to daddy“. Mateinas appearance was already very awesome Melli hit the bottom of the barrel. The white stole whirled around and raced the audience. …Who is Marilyn Monroe? And it's probably a reason why both “MM” have the initials?

Great! The applause was extremely high and now everything should still follow was unimportant. As Nina said, still.

There was another nice but not outstanding piece of Melli and Mataina together and (sorry but true) not a really important piece of Nina Queer herself. Your new album. ….I think Nina should instead focus on their other strengths and let the music business other superstars, take place there as well (suspected) can try unsuccessfully. little important piece of the.

Mataina, Zoe, Sheila
Mataina, Zoe, Sheila

Klönschnack with Mateina, Melli, Pricilla, Tatiana. Sehr nett.



Zoe & Sheila…and in contrast to recent times have we actually done it this time in the Gallery at berlin4Fun. Constant dripping wears away the stone probably here. 🙂


Zoe, Tatjana

And I had the honor to turn down a party invitation again, I am unable to attend. Wednesdays to visit a party in Berlin is really a bit too much, if you live in Hamburg. Since the party can be as good as. I think that my employer would not really predict.

Maybe should, Get the berlin parties simply to Hamburg… But there is indeed just worked on it


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