Eurovision Song Contest

Eurovision Grand Prix de la Chanson


And, I oute me. Since Guildo Horn Grand Prix made socially acceptable, I'm a fan of this show.
How do I even talked last week with my colleague Rik about the Grand Prix? I said, I'll probably look at him and he said, I already behave like a proper Schwuppe. Rather surprising, He dubbed me otherwise as always Faker, would make it all just for show…. Some times you with you, Rik 😉

But what's wrong, for the Euro Vision Song Contest is big show.

Glamour, Show, Drama, Disappointment and a lot of queer attitude. For me that is just right.

So I flezte with a friend, Voting list with a professional front of the TV. Appropriate to the show, we had four equal categories, to evaluate each individual artist.

Show, Outfit, Sex appeal and (almost the least important musical value)

With this, we are voting our way very well run, but both were winners in our top 5 represented.

But the song contest:

It is always amazing, queer as this contest is and how to adjust the artists on the sexual ambivalence target group.

DQ – Drama Queen

I personally found so enormously bad, that the Danish drag queen “DQ” failed with the song Drama Queen already in the semifinals. Since the Song Contest is a big part of the show lost. This outfit would have deserved it, to be performed on the final day. Glitter, Glamour, Show, and musically not so bad. So be it, The audience does not wolten. Own fault.

The Ark – The Worrying kind

Nevertheless, the show was not boring and had tons of queer show elements. I would also expect to The Ark The Worrying with child, a band, that has gotten too little points in my opinion. A mixture of The Darkness, The Scissor Sisters and Sweetty glitter & The Sweethearts deserves a lot more points in my opinion. Glam Rock is also per se somehow tinged transverse. I found the Ark really good.

The Fatal Picards with L’amour àla française

My friend was particularly The Fatal Picards with L’amour àla française good, which certainly may also be related to their knowledge of French. I found it very funny and cute. With this band it has been shown clearly, as one adjusts to the target audience…. They were modest in France in the preliminary round black jackets and white shirts on, so waren sie in Helsinki eindeutig die pinkste Band des Abends 🙂

Verka Serduchka – Dancing Lasha Tumbai

Trash highlight was clearly Serduchka with Danzing from Ukraine. (Have I mentioned that, I'm a big fan of trash?). As far as I know, gave the correct trouble in Ukraine, that the country through “I know eine Person” would represent. Whether this may well have changed after the second? Probably all at once has always been a fan of Serduchka. Well no matter at times to be seriously short, Second place can only be positive for queer people in Ukraine. Otherwise, the song is clearly one with Clubhitcharakter.

one, two, three – Dancing.


The winner was then Serbia, the way back to the proof: Show ist alles. Hatte Marija Å ERIFOVIĆin dem Vorentscheid noch Zirkusartisetn hinter sich, as it had in the final five rather then looking women be, the lesbian attitude mediated. It has worked well. Although the song was good.

Only now arises the question, as we win the whole thing now again, Hit does not work (Guildo Horn), Swing (Roger Cicero), Country(Texas Lightning), Glam, Trash (Both Stefan Raab) not. Rock and reggae are still missing. I'm afraid, all we can do Remaining, than to send in our times there wirkich good bands:

My Top 2 For Serbia 2008:

  • Rammstein:
    The export hit 1. In Eastern Europe, known and loved. When the then still Moscow sing and two little bekeidete Rusyns sing the chorus, then we have the whole Eastern bloc in the bag. Rammstein is a surefire first place.
  • Beatsteaks:
    The make it easy to conjure up such a board nearly three minutes on stage, that there is no room for the rest of all the countries. If they then next Biggy Blonde acquire a few more drags Berlin for the show, which is then.

all photos by
YLE TV Information
PL 196
FI-33101 Tampere
Mark my words, if we ablosen again next time.


9 thoughts on “Eurovision Song Contest

  1. Rammstein fande ich fürchterlich, aber leider tatsachlich gewinnverdachtigdie Beatsteaks waren mal ein echter Knaller 🙂

    Ich drücke die Daumen, dass ein Programmverantwortlicher dieses Blog liest 🙂

    Ansonsten natürlich Zustimmungder Contest an sich geht queerer kaum noch 😉

  2. wie sagte Stephan Raab gestern nochdann dürfte Schalke nicht mehr in der Bundesliga spielen, dann dürfte Spyker keine Formel 1 fahren und und und . nun es geht auch um die show, um Spaß für den Deutschen Act um die Prasentationsmöglichkeit. Roger Cicero wurde von 100 Millionen Menschen gesehen, da wird er sich sicher auch den einen oder anderen Fan gemacht haben.

  3. Die ukrainische Dragqueen hat tatsachlichRussia Goodbyegesungen. Ich hoffe sehr, dass sie bei ihrer Heimkehr kein Pilzgericht mit Champignons aus Tschernobyl bekommt.

  4. Dafür bekommt sie vermutlich ein Kriegerdenkmal in der Ukraine (Da ist ja gerade ein Platz freigeworden 😉 )

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