I feel discriminated against.

logo1.jpgEggs, I know, I'm too late with my article, but there were simply more important things to blog lately, as this story, I have never forgotten yet. I was so stupid dressed in the past by a pack of foreign Teenage wannabe men and spat on by a drunken idiot on the Reeperbahn, but this is still a story, which has taken me.

My blog has been as it were branded as unimportant

There were three quarters of a month ago a small scandal in the Blocommunity, the Web is a 2.0 Startup rankte. The small startup Yumondo had the not-too-rare moment idea, to establish an Internet startup, the idea, this is designed to be as rare as a comunity currently not. Rarely, however,, and I mean rarely stupid, however, how they wanted to do that.

They have gone a lot of thought and a lot of research. Its quite good results they have published it in a Wiki and this stupid legally not closed. The World – Bloggers could speak German so undisturbed browse there and find out, for which they were scheduled so. Who should multiply, who should deliver content, who might even publish on our own blog page, who will be invited to events which uswusf.
This small company is from Berlin and sees it as probably their first priority. Therefore, they have obviously each blog from the Blogscout List in their Blogger und andere multiplier-List recorded, whose author is able, word Berlin also to write only half right. If you look this list the Blogger und multiplier once look, then you find out almost all important German blogger and just next to each blog, that could only begin to have anything to do with Berlin.

Really each?

Two blog writers, which clearly belong in this list have the boys and girls of Yumondo criminally overlooked

Sheila and myself

Okay, okay, while Sheila's blog with the sentence “Sheila Wolf – A look behind the mirror a Berlin tranny brat.” but says almost exactly, that this might not be a blog with Berlin-background, I must admit, that it is not immediately obvious at first sight for me. But not for nothing is my second largest word in my Tagcloud meanwhile “Berlin”.

Since I've been blogging since I 2004 the soul from the body, suggest me the night before because my laptop around the ears, go there every other weekend to Berlin to report on the local nightlife, I schockiere my head with my Notice to draw entirely to Berlin can – and what is? – Nix ist. I will also not be included in the long list of interesting Berlin-bloggers…

This is hard. Not included the two main Trannyblogs, although they have a very large Berlin-affinity. I suspected evil discrimination…

Now I would have thought, do not like trannies, if I had not looked fun to me, what would Yumondos still so concocted. It still took a further list with multipliers on certain topics – And lo and behold, I found the name Zoe. What my 487 Blog posts have not reached, I'm with my little Qype ​​profile and my few (22) Contributions made there. Ich gelte als Multiplikator für sonstiges 🙂 Was auch immer sonstiges meint.

Better than nothing, at least. But I wonder somehow, why I blog at all, where 22 attract small Qype Posts seemingly more attention to other…. Fuck!

Na egal, I will at times as a multiplier for Others Yumondo knock and desire to inlet. Let's see if they let me in. I am doing really with any Internet startup with. 🙂


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  1. Mach das nichdie sollten bei uns klopfen und nicht wir bei denen.. denn wer sind die schon? 😉 es gibt wesentlich wichtigere.. ich sag nur …. M&M 😉

  2. Hello Zoe,wir haben dein Klopfen gehört und gewahren Dir natürlich gerne Einlass.

    Beautiful, dass Du so entspannt reagiert hast. Wir wünschen Dir viel Spass beim Erkunden von Yumondo. Und wenn Dir etwas auffallt, was man besser machen könnte, freuen wir uns über dein Feedback.


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