Kitty Coke's Generation X

Another Berlin cocktail bar.

The long weekend to Ascension, Berlin was fully booked, nevertheless, I moved back to the capital. But it was practically impossible, to find accommodation for Saturday. Adorable enough, took me to the day when my colleague Rik on. Thanks for that.

Had this weekend Sheila picked up again another foreign visit. Nina this time was therefore with us – and again we had some prior.

First, we wanted Kitty coke in their bar Generation X go to. Firstly, we wanted to anyway times, on the other, is a further step in the testing of all cocktail bars in Berlin. Not for nothing, I was in my old company as an expert in Hamburg cocktail bars. Hamburg by, Now Berlin's turn…

A whole lot of cocktail bars I've since been through and the drinks it can easily compete with virtually all other bars. Rarely have I seen a more extensive map.


Whether it is necessarily so important, that it mixes Kitty with Bols, I do not know, but it here “Russians” in three different colors (Red Russian, Black Russian and White Russian just) and that it is not only Long Iceland Iced Tea but also the rather rare here in Long Beach Ice Tea, that is certainly worth a mention.

But I'm not quite sure, if Kitty did not forget the cranberry juice, because as Uwe Christiansen served it to me, he had a little more color and did not look, as if only white rum in the glass, Vodka und Tequila (what are unquestionably the main components). No matter, it tasted and had the expected disruptive effect.


Otherwise, it was a small, nette Bar, somewhere far back in Friedrichshain with good music, comfortable leather chairs but unfortunately too little guests. For us, it was just okay, because then both Kitty and Cecile C. and Diana Frost could take care of us.

Eventually we had to say goodbye but at the three, visit to our next stop for the night.

(irgandwie missing here Photos, die Sheila mir noch schuldet 😉 aber ich erreiche die gute nicht


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