Tatjana in Irrenhouse


:Nina Queer:s Irrenhouse On the third Saturday of the month is a must visit for some time in Berlin. So in this month again, for the few minutes trans-show against two clock tomorrow is simply a must for us. Nina booked every time three or four Grossa name of the Berlin transport VIPs for a small appearance. So this again.
As usual a part of this show was once again Stella Destroy, which this time with a medley of Kylie Minogue, that she completed as well as the small Australian of the einene or other costume exchange moose. Corset with feather boa and white peacock feather like Kylie Stella was not quite as much glamor as the original in small White Diamond. But I guess, with similar princely salary as Kylie at a sold-out show, we would also see Stella Destroy gäntlich glittering.


With a little less glamor came :Mataina Ah Wie Süß: from, actually appear in the Drink B was booked. House B and misleading House… According to Nina, that's not at all and there was only one star, they would allow the. Mataina eben. I suppose, that they would allow this to go the other usual suspects name – But that's just my subjective opinion. Mataina led this time in full gear “Havah nagilah Havah”, So Jewish heritage to the best….

As Nina commented yet?

This time some Jewish, I did not bring these Nazi last time my number? I just wanted to note times.

Yep it has- and it was great.

This evening, however, was the Reisser Tatjana, in the sparkly dress with a Half mirror ball on the head of us all Eurovision Song Contest Favorite Serduchka were. actually it was clear, that it would come, or? Just great! It was not just me, because Tatjana was greeted with the biggest cheer clear this evening. One two three – dance.


It was like the Reisser said of the evening and so great, I unfortunately would not seem so, Biggy Blonde und :ADES Zabel: then gave the best.

Some old traditional folk song from Tahiti with a lesbian text, But that was less snappy than before performance. Consequently, there was less applause. So here is different from the tranny Song Contest on the lesbian in audience voting.


Otherwise it was as always in a mental house. Full, stuffy, loud and the toilets overflowing and after a short time barely passable. The Trans-density on a normal day-House astray not sooo great. Thus, for example, Janka Croft came again this time as a man. But still the Mad House has its own style between glamor, Trash and commerce. I like the Mad House.


Eventually, about half past four we left the house and were wondering mislead the Bangaluu to visit. Although that day was there any gay party but yeah we do not care, because the club is great.

Well, when we were waiting outside the door Biggy van Blond, who asked us, still so before what would we have. The answer she finished with the words

Have fun – and does nothing, I would not do
and gives you the greatest possible freedom to do, what you want.

Nur ein Ruf oder die Wahrheit 😉
someday I'll know the. I take them at their word until then at least.


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