Shopping with 75.000 Football fans


The common football fan as such, is not dissimilar to a tranny.

  • Both place great value on their clothes. (So there must be at least the bodice of präferierten Association.)
  • Both place great value on brand. (If the club plays in Adidas, hardly a place in the nakedness of a counterfeit garment run around =
  • Both place great emphasis on matching accessories (a black / Yellow football fan will hardly be seen with a blue and white scarf Schalke)
  • They bicker devotedly with others of their kind
  • They laugh, whine, clamor, like crying

In good German: The typical football fan is a real drama queen and not in packs enjoyed light fare.

The last weekend they were in large herds in Berlin. The Franks (VFB Stuttgart) played against Bayern (Nuremberg) and almost 75.000 which were at the Berlin Olympic Stadium to see, wer nun the DFB-Pokal holt.

In addition, were again equal number of both species for the Berlin fan mile in the capital. – And in de city were somehow all of them, when I was on the Kurfürstendamm, to look for shoes. A few weeks earlier I had seen there shoes, that would fit wonderfully in my outfit CSD – but they have not bought. And there is hardly anything dämlicheres, than to try on a shoe store as a man ladies pumps – and otherwise – I was, of course, as Zoe go.

photo by scoobay

Fortunately, they were not drunk, but it is still football fans, Men in Rudeln, Villagers and partly Bavaria. A transvestite had probably never seen. So at least it seemed to me. Amazingly, nothing made me in the least from. Somehow seems to be bad but my fur thick. Is that good, or actually less?

Janka Croft, that appealed to me as a man at Douglas wondered also, I could go gedresst on a day like this with a loud crazy in the city. Now buying shoes before going – she will surely understand. I have left but then again these shoes in the store, is another issue…

I was in my mini Platoe Peep-toes by Deichmann go, than me in the Europa Center in a grid zerborste a Placken under paragraph. Fuck.

Fupp (Plastic paragraph),
Click (defective paragraph),
Fupp (Plastic paragraph),
Click (defective paragraph),

Okay, have 19,90 Cost € and Safe suffered somewhat, as I ran in the dark against stairs. So before I let them re-soled, I buy them simply re-. With a defective paragraph I ran the way to the next Deichmann to buy them new – Forget it out. But I could find Mister Minit in KDW.

The KDW warped in the mouth trains. Something cheap can be comfortable in a noble department store not represented. But I would at Wertheim – found at the other end of the Kurfürstendamm a Mister Minit.


I was then also – Although his name was not spic and span and Mister Minit, but was the same. I could / had to wait and watch, Deichmann like my peep-toes through the performance and two new sales Placken zulegten almost half of its value. Wild, to make such shoes resole – But I wanted finally home.

Since then, however, I had to pass a large Beate Uhse shop, before again waited a whole bunch of football fans and drank hot. The guys offered me, not really altruistic, an, me to pay admission to the sex cinema, but I politely, determined but strangely still friendly from.

From home and vorschlafen something for after the evening Ouch.


6 thoughts on “Shopping with 75.000 Football fans

  1. …”The Franks (VFB Stuttgart) played against Bayern (Nuremberg)”…

    Das sind ja gleich zwei übelste Fehler in einem Satz !!

    Ich glaub ich muss Ihnen bei Gelegenheit mal etwas Nachhilfe in Stammeskunde geben, mein sehr verehrtes Nordlicht;-)

  2. Achja stimmt, die Stuttgarter sind ja Schwaben. Aber Nürnberg liegt eindeutig in bayern. Das ist also richtig.

    Ansonsten sind für mich eh südlich der Elbe alles Nord-Afrikaner

  3. ich bin sicher, es gibt einige leute hier in meiner ecke, die würden sich liebernord-afrikaner” than “bayernvon dir nennen lassen;-)

    WIR SIND DIE FRANGGN !!! 😉 (oder im kommentierenden fallefranggin(nen)”;-) )

  4. we thought, wir könnten diesen wilden ein wenig kultur (quasi von innen heraus) beibringen. ok, wir sind noch ned so richtig vollstandig erfolgreich dabei. aber wir haben geduld;-)

    und ihr hamburger seit so eigenstandig, dass ich ihr gleich in berlin asyl sucht, gelle;-)

  5. Now, die Stadte haben etwas ahnliches,
    sie sind die größten Stadte deutschlands
    sie sind Bundeslander
    sie sind hoch verschuldet
    sie haben schwule Bürgermeister

    ausserdem muss man etwas verlieren um tatsachlich zu wissen, was man gehabt hat

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