Little House in the asylum

Between Goya and we moved to Goya, so as to be heard :Nina Queer:s :Irrenhouse Party:.

No matter, what is going on in an evening otherwise, Trans show you simply must not miss, but it is commonly be described as legendary, and always worth a looker.

But firstonce an A-HA experience, tie Irrenhouse war leather. Naja nicht leer, but as empty, I have not seen it yet. Well, all parties are in the summer some empty, perhaps also to have the party animals Berlin CSD already protected. Maybe but many were not, mislead the House that this time was moved because of the CSD of one week earlier…. Maybe it all came together.

So be it, Man konnte Atmen, move well, you do not sweat as (unless you're stuck in a chicken outfit) and you came directly without having to wait on a toilet, (which, incidentally, only at most 1/3 were so filthy, as otherwise. …If I see it as, It was great and it should be always empty in Irrenhouse ;-).

No matter we come to the really important, where Trance Show, showed again today some.

Were the first Ah How Sweet Mateina and Nina Queer with a classic. Shakespear Sister – Hello (Turn your Radio on). Oh this song brings back memories to me, how we as teenies in a rented house somewhere in Denmarket lack of firewood combustion plant the garden fence and even a lot of nonsense hired.

Not stupid, but pretty awesome performten nina and Mateina (This time the song appropriately with black wig) this great song. A nice introduction to a great show.

[youtube] = tJcqDdjl5MM[/youtube]


The whole was followed by a medley of Madonna and Stella Destroy Kae tearing. OKay, Madonna and kennt jeder, and when “Like a Virgin” Stella looks indeed really cute.



But I would have liked for my part, they would have left it at that. But they did not, Instead, Stella and Kea squeezed into Madonna Leotards. While that is brave, but not very recommendable, if you are not Madonna. Kae, Stella, human being, you are so great, why have you done to us and especially you, the….


No matter, the two should not be the highlight of the evening. ACH btw. This time a Madonna medley, one last time Kylie Minogue-Medley. The next time a Gwen Stefani medley follows, dann bist Du ausrechenbar Stella 😉

The two Mateina followed with a song called from Wencke Myhre “Max the Earthworm”, a poor lonely earthworm, of the shares in order to have society and ultimately falls in love with himself. (is it really incest?). The song itself is pretty crazy, Mateinas but with gestures and facial expressions he is class. There Bonker, Nagila Hava, Max the Earthworm. Mateina really can be in any style set, except perhaps “otherwise” and “good”. I love your performances.



I actually just came in sight Mateinas the thought of a slightly younger Ingrid Steeger?

But when we come to the show highlight Ursula and Ariel AKA Stella Kae Destroy and tearing. How cool was that. A perceived whole Hörspielkasette long the scene must lose their voice in the Arielle to become human. While Kae had actually just sit there, Stella pulled out all the stops from the Vollplaybacktheater. This calls for lots of pictures.

[youtube] = 5fPRZFkvWFg[/youtube]



I would rate the show I would have a smooth 1 give expression, Gestures, Idea, outstanding! Very large theater and that would have been worth a smooth entry

So the evening was eaten, Applkausmäßig top. As Nina could not keep himself with the premiere of her next single. Although I have no idea, what it was, I know it, I thought it was really not bad this time.



So what can you say, Show troubling classes diesmal. And what do these three have so exaggerated, I do not at all know. Das war bestimmt nicht jugendfrei 😉


Oh by the way, it shows up again, that Berlin is a village, so we met but this time in a mental house our Safe-Toliettenbekanntschaft, which did not help us out but this time with mirrors, misleading because the House which has.




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