High Heels und Low Heels

Einklappbare High Heels


I've just read a story on Spiegel Online, which is carrying on high heels female drivers depends.

Now, yes now known, that high heels are not prohibited on the wheel and pay the insurance companies usually, but that high heels are generally accident prone than normal shoes few who would deny.


Now a company has created a prototype of a retractable high heels – and I must say, I like it. At last you can enjoy long shopping spree, schedule all CSD parades or dancing for hours, without having to justify himself to his feet. Simply fold and you are from the Heels Low Heels. Class. They are really chic and the design of the color also kinda cool.

Not true Madeleine? 😉


7 thoughts on “High Heels und Low Heels

  1. Hi,
    geile Idee, geile Farbe (statt pink kann frau sich auch gut Alternativfarben vorstellen!)

    lg nach Kreuzberg und HH


  2. eine supa idee, leider haperts bei der ausführung sowas von: da geht man dann ja wenn man sie flach hat die ganze zeit auf der aussenseite des stöckelsdas sieht sicher nicht schön aus, especially, wenn der teil auch noch rosa ist … (dann braunschwarz)

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