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Olivia Jones

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My second contribution to Stars and Starlets from the large scene is probably Germany's largest dedicated drag queen and that's just Olivia Jones.

Hardly anyone will dispute, that there is probably no one in Germany, of your water can range in terms of awareness. Even if it is not the most important drag in some Enklarven Germany like Berlin, yet it is the only, that really did it, Germany continued to come to prominence.

Olivia Jones is omnipresent. She writes for the Colorful blog, is at Sat.1, RTL and various other TV stations to see, she was with Wife Swap to see, at Celebrity ludo, she moved in with Big Brother, she campaigned for Senseo and New, they did a campaign for PETA, moderated, Galas and shows, and has been a guest on so few movie premieres. Medial there is hardly anyone alo, can you reach the water.

Even if it is a spoof, said Oliver Kalkofe ridiculed not every, but. Something like that is in my opinion more likely to see an accolade because precipitation.


This leads them tourists about your neighborhood, the Reeperbahn, sings with malice Idol Udo Lindenberg, ever occurs in the Hamburg state election as mayor candidate in order to mobilize against the right and hosted great parties.

Here is a picture as, its use me 1.200 € has cost, because I did not have the rights.

Olivia Royal Chicken Club Parties are legendary, even if they hamburg unfortunately their Lost party venue and has now untriebig touring Germany, obviously without the Hamburg flair to achieve but. It should be already happened, Hamburg that girls had tears of joy in the eyes, as the newsletter of Olivia Jones came, that a Royal Chicken Club in Hamburg was again. I myself have been through quite a few parties with her – and it was mostly Class.

Greater awareness has Olivia Jones from now 10 Years 1997 reached, as they to Miami “Miss Drag Queen Of The world” was chosen. Because this honor is awarded only once a year can begin to develop, what this honor means. The Throne, she has at least been held in Germany.

Now there are certainly some in Berlin Drags, shaking it, in Hamburg ist Valery Pearl entered in their footsteps and Tatjana Taft is also not to forget, But in Germany there is only a German drag queen and that's Olivia Jones.



7 thoughts on “Olivia Jones – Hamburg

  1. Nur eine erstzunehmende mit einem ernstzunehmenden Bekanntheitsgrad ausserhalb der Szene, die sich damit eh beschaftigt.

    Gehen wir mal davon aus, du gehst irgendwo in einem Dorf in Baden Württemberg in einen Schlachterladen und bittest darum, anzukreuzen, wen man kennt. Was meinst denn Du, welcher Name angekreuzt wird?

    [ ] Olivia Jones
    [ ] Nina Queer
    [ ] Tatjana Taft
    [ ] Mataina Ah Wie Süß
    [ ] Biggy Blonde

    As I said, ich rede nicht mit leuten, die Vorkenntnisse gehabt haben. Ich habe sogar auf Google Bilder von Nina Queer gesehen, the “Olivia Jones” hiessen. Da konnten sich die Leute sicher Ninas Namen nicht merken und sagten sich “Drag Queen? Muss wohl Olivia Jones sein

  2. Anyhow…ist es wirklich erstrebenswert in einem drögen Kaff irgendwo in Baden Württemberg bekannt zu sein ???

    INMHO : die permanente Medienprasenz von O.J. nervtaber es gibt ja schließlich unterschiedliche Geschmacker und Ansichtenund den Knopf auf derRemoteControlum den Fernsehkanal zu wechseln.

    Der Beitrag von Kalkhoffe bringt es schön auf den Punktherrlich 😉

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  4. liebe olivia ich habe eine ganz großes anliegen an dich .
    meine mama ist ein riesen fan von dir und findet dich einfach super.leider ist sie vor 3 monaten an krebs erkrankt ,es ware deshalb um so toller wenn du vll ein autogramm schicken könntest ,sie würde sich so sehr freunenhoffe du liest das 🙂
    lg sarah

  5. hallo bin striper und würde mich gerne bewerben für ihre laden , aber weise ich nicht wo bitte um antwort grusse fabrizio

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