Berlin Tattoo Ink & Piercing

Ink @ Sage Club Berlin

I am now two weeks away from Hamburg, I have my friends and my parents not seen since then and I've settled in Berlinmlangsam.

I have found a shoemaker, ladies heels from 4 € repaired and I bought a navigation device. What I have not yet made, and I had made up my. To have finally make ear holes.

Now there are close to me and the Sage Club is a day called Tätowierstudium Berlin Ink. Well I did not want a tattoo and no piercing, but there might also make quite ordinary ear holes.

Make them, but instead of using a Piolé with a needle and take cheap plug connector with proper. Unfortunately, the quality costs here instead 10 € for both ear holes now 50 € for both. Quality has its price up.

Byxe, one of the tattoo ink in Berlin told me still pretty clear, what is the difference, Cheap plug with nickel usually, The guns were not really sterile, the whole gun without a sterility is one of the main people responsible for Hepathitis, its needle'll just sterilized properly as in doctors' offices.

…he's right about everything, but I currently do not really 50 € too much.
Either I'm the 10 € Dare or I'll wait a while… we'll see. In any Fal Ink Berlin would now be the tätowierstudium my confidence.



2 thoughts on “Berlin Tattoo Ink & Piercing

  1. Hello, ist schön was von einer neuen Berlinerin zu lesen. Ich hab dort fast 9 Monaten lang gewohnt. Ich war nie in Hamburg und ich weiß nicht was du von Berlin haltst, ich habe mich aber in der Stadt total verliebt. Am Ende meine berlinerische Erfahrung habe ich mir dort ein kleines Tribal stechen lassen; als Erinnerung ;). ALs ich mich darüber erkundigt habe, habe ich auch dieses Berlin Ink besucht. Hat mir ganz gut gefallen und einen ganz guten Eindruck gemacht. Hat sehr Professionell ausgesehen. Dann habe ich mir aber anders entschieden, da ich ein naheres Studio gefunden habe. Viel Spaß in Berlin!

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