Gaypride Hamburg 2007

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The Hamburg CSD casts its glow and even though I live now in Berlin, Hamburg is my home but the CSD. As it were the most important for me, da kann der Berlin CSD not keep up and the Cologne, I did not visit this year, not.

With 4 People (Sheila, Janka, Nina and me is the Transmobil start tomorrow after work on the highway and arrive tomorrow night in Hamburg.

Since it is no longer worthwhile, we will (unfortunately) let the clubs United Party whiz, but any other I can this compilation of :Valery Pearl:s “Pearls Of The Nightt”, Combine and put the family's Wunderbar only to the heart.

I bet, this is the best party this weekend.

For me, I could not like the other three girls put together a themed default outfit, that looked only partially as intended AND skillfully, ie get it out my dress again.

Herauszuholen means this is 10 Emerge clock in the morning to pick up my dress and Tailoring, that had to be partially re- (Sequins were missing at the end of the day) This is a stress. But what you do not do anything for beautiful pictures.

However, to beautiful pictures of CSD in Hamburg 2007 get, I will probably 100 Meters in front of or behind Sheila, Janka and Nina go, because I expect, that will be absolutely adorable and you just noticed me and photographed, when I'm far away.


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