Sex years Irrenhouse

When a transvestite star celebrates birthday, it will be appreciated, that makes her waiting and visiting her party. This weekend it was time. :Nina Queer: celebrated “Sex years Irrenhouse“. But after two years ago four years Irrenhouse, 5 Nina Queer Jahre celebrated, they have to be Adam Riese seven years. I think the school is likely to mean the second class and it should slowly replace the fountain pen pencils against.

Nina, however, is not second class, but clearly first class and its party, it is anyway. This weekend the Mad House was bursting at the seams again and Makeupzersetzenden temperatures were just below the boiling point and the Trans Show times this should beat the temperatures.

Of course some will say.

Boh laaaangweilig, yes all the numbers were ever brought.

And, of course you are right, Initially, I had also the feeling, gerade ein Déjà-vu zu haben, But then I realized, that it was more likely to repeat a best-of as boring. (Of course, since everyone has their own opinion)


Nina herself has begun its own songs. Have I not been Nina's own songs as but not best described as catchy or any great, I found this piece really well. Well siehste, Nina, but goes. more like this please. …Nina that this song already on the CSD Allee has given the best, I could not know, for as I lay in bed with bruised feet. This time, however, the feet were okay and they were dancing to Nina's performance.


To this date, I still had no feeling, that takes place here a best of, this began, Tatjana was announced as. Tatjana I had already seen at the party, It was clear, that they would occur. However, one can hardly overlook Tatjana. To recognize Tatjana it only requires a small formula:

The larger the cotton candy on her head, more likely Tatjana

At least in Berlin it takes in terms of scope no wig on with Tatjana. When the wig is also still sweeping pink, you can hardly miss it. Now Tatjana won immediate colleagues on dei onstage, they ¶ preferential Bena.. Two years ago I wrote:

The culmination was Trashhà ¶ but clearly Tatiana, in her song “â € œRache the edicts” took a similar. This song was 50 years-style, However, interspersed with wild punk parts, rte which INDICATIVE to repeat the Wà ¶ hà ¤ “â € œIch fuck you by, I fuck you fuck you,” ¤ nkten beschrÃ. while it was a doll after all Edward Stoiber Rules of art concerned

The song was another steuber and the doll was the poor guy, the Tatiana tugged on stage… although he had fun with it. I also had fun with it. And if I find fun ego good.


Tatjana Polla Disaster followed with a folky Gitrrenversion of Dancing Queen. That was nice, but not great and I rely simply on Janka times, the later thought, Poll hat schon mal Dancing Queen brought.


Much better it was then re-. Gummiboot und Dalia Lavi, ja genau, nothing new… Again, exactly two years ago:

But absolute highlite was the hostess, the firstonce told, Transsexuals with that 5 are sexually mature and then as Daliah Lavi “â € œEin ship we come” gave the best, than girls of Piraeus us night for night at the harbor and was thereby in a Ließ wear rubber boat by the amount Extrem Crazy.

Well Nina is not just for night night at the harbor but admits also the year for the year by wearing rubber boat by the amount. I would say so, it was two years ago, extremely crazy and it's two years later again. Gladly each year.


After that, it was solemnly, although not truly reflective, weihnachtete it very much and I think, in August, I've really never heard a Christmas song. Now Nina's birthday and when it christmas wishes, then Christmas is just, even though the temperatures were in the birthday club tropical. Now, statt Melli und Mataina pusch sparkled Tatiana and Stella DeStroy held in December was August, but there was the song just nine months ago.


It was followed by the grand finale with a confetti battle beyond compare…. Although truly beyond compare? Not quite. Two years and some months ago, I wrote:

In turn followed Nina Queer, which covered the store and the audience with confetti. She has managed, that loosely through the small bottleneck in my Becks Lemon 10-12

Now, this time I had no Becks Lemon in hand, but even now I find confetti in my apartment and the only, because I took off my dress and the stuff stuck everywhere. I'll probably still find it, if I move.



Also, everything in allem “happened before” but still very great. I mean, we also often hear rather than the Best of the newest album of his favorite band. This evening was a best of.

Tja Nina,

You're beautiful, and we are also.



in this sense to a new year Irrenhouse.


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