Queerboot Party

She was now so, the Queerbootparty, something like like like a harbor cruise but just on the smooth waters of the Spree instead of yes but sometimes choppy waters of the Elbe.


20:30 should take the excursion boats and by then you should be better off, if you did not want to wave from a distance. To stifle all further speculation in the bud – of course I made the. In fact, I was even long before the departure and far ahead of other girls on board.

Wherein the “an Table commented” was not at all as easy as I thought, because “Gangway” was very steep and hardly heeled friendly. However, as I said I was healing on board and was robbed of my hard earned money by Sheila.

Well, they allowed the, but she stood at the box office and this excursion should not end up in a financial fiasco. However, if I times by counting, how many girls were finally there, I do not think, that this party has expected… Where have you been all? People People. To organize Trannypartys is getting more difficult, if it is not just an event introduced as the Bitch hard is….

No matter, the girls, who have found their way to the steamer, gathered on the aft deck and had beneath the music of Michelle their fun.


Since we have time the other way, not an unknown DJ, is posted if the musicianship and just every now and gedresst at times behind the turntables. Pretty great performance and great music by the way, which had to be more than once but untebrochen.

The ships on the Spree are not too high, so they go underneath the very low bridges. Therefore, one can only describe as a limited Trannyfreundlich this excursion steamer. Even I with almost 1,80 Meters had several blankets Contact, bigger girls like Janka or Madeleine could at least go more stooping below deck. Did not matter, because the weather was good and we were anyway, almost all, almost always on the back deck and then you could just walk upright – if not just come one of these bridges.


Whether Berlin also, such as Hamburg, has more bridges than Venice, I can not say, But Berlin has some of the Spree and stay when you are on the aft deck would, then the head would be gone. That alone would hardly bad, but to all the resentment hairstyle would be ruined. And this realization Cast, to sit down with each of the bridges.

Had the whole bit of the journey to Jerusalem: hardly was gone the music, all were looking for a place and remained, until the music came back on to the bridge and the steamboat party again reached normal volume.


Fortunately, the girls were under a lot of, with which one could natter and a round could have some fun. For example, once I finally met Madeleine, something chatted with Mia and Denise, Jess on the future her blog questioned, made with a Mehrjankfrau pictures and and and.


Which reminds me, Jee that has offered me a bet… She wants to actually try, with her blog on the topic Zoe to get in front of my. This is ridiculous, however,, when it creates the, I really prefer my hat – and will do everything, dass sich das schnell wieder erledigt hat 😉

No matter, some songs, some knacks and some pictures later we reached 23:00 again the point of deposit and drove well-known formation (Sheila, Nina, janka and I) firstonce eat, But more on that tomorrow…



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