Extremely party hopping

A chat from last Monday:

Rik: In, wo warst du überall am Samstag?
I: Everywhere and nowhere, but nowhere it was good
Rik: I thought…

This goes to the heart of the last Saturdays, we were party hopping extremely. We had already begun with the Queerbootparty and the nice Eating after. But after these two stations should follow something.


First of we moved to the Fate Club, where even the queer party boat after boat party should take place. We stayed last time are still before the Fate, This time we went inside at least.

The man at the cash wanted to see the queer boat cards, let in to us…. I'd never get a card, but that did not matter, because Sheila could have him 10, 20 or 50 Can give piece. After all, she has created so. So we came purely free, however, were not very long.

gloria.jpgThe first girls had had problems with other guests and hardly anyone here seemed to really want to stay longer. We do not erstrecht, had :Gloria Viagra: but the first After Aua loaded after the summer break. Really full but it was not, what Gloria at the beginning of their show with the words “Beautiful, that you have come” receipted.

Actually, it was probably planned, to make the show together with Polla Disaster, but it worked well and not quite so Gloria was something unplanned on stage and her show seemed just as easily unplanned. I guess, they had planned another and had to change the program quickly. Consequently, they sang a standard, made once playback and still looked just a Squeezebox song out, she gave the best. In fact, the program was not comparable to the great No-G8 Show before the summer break. Overall, not really exciting and so we moved on again as fast bedouin, to still find a good party.

Then we tried to find this just in Felix. Last week we stayed there still standing outside the door, but here was the first party after a summer break.


This time we came in and I could finally get to know the Felix… Felix: Who is here, is either rich, known or beautiful. I believe, We fit best into the last group. I found the Felix actually not so bad, but the other girls were not so great and the music is generally too hot. Pity. In addition, two girls seemed a general problem with us having – or they were just afraid to talk to us? I do not know. In any case, I noticed, that the Felix one of the very very few shops is, where really every female has at least 7cm paragraph under the feet. This is rare. Also, I like to still attend non-gay clubs, if there is nothing ordinary.


As I said, the other has the music but not as promised and we were one last party location on, the schwuz, but here, I must confess I was not sending you so taken by the music. Summer hits from the past 15 Years. Macarena Macarena and recommendations. a song is okay, two also, perhaps even three, but only corresponding songs can I, I think only drunk and stand in Mallorca ;-). Maybe I was also just about finished by the extreme party hopping.


So I left after about three quarters of an hour in my bed.

Next time will surely exciting again.


3 thoughts on “Extremely party hopping

  1. Tja Zö, ich ware auch gerne im felix geblieben. fand den laden recht gut und die musik ansprechend. the 2 madels sind mir auch aufgefallen, die sind wohl zu schüchtern gewesen

    lg diana

  2. Na warum habter denn nischt gesagt.. und seid einfach gebliebenwir sind ja nicht gezwungenermaßen im Grüppchen unterwegs gewesen.. schließlich gab es 2 Cars… Kinders immer schön den Mund aufmachenwenn man was will.. so is das in dieser Stadt. 😉

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