Wong Show – Rules of the game

How cool was that?


So I've now been through some great parties and experienced many situations, were just great, But Wong this show was once again a Highlite, to have witnessed the, I look forward.

I take a short time together:

a full bestuhltes Schwuz, 13 Transenvollplayback performances, Live vocals of Giselle D'Apricot, Tilly Kreuzfeldt-Jacob, und Kae Tearing, a travesty sock, Meter Maffay on Stage, a flail, a guardian of the Schlegel, Our Gong, a guardian of the gongs, Number two girls with heavy math problems, two great, extremely quick-witted Moderators, a confused winner, and much struggle to stick and Gong.
All in allem, three and a half hours of great entertainment very very entertaining.

Tilly Creutzfeldt-Jacob Cross and Daphne de Baakel
dieWächterinnen the gong and stick

But first things first. I expected an A-ha experience as the Queens in Space Performance, So maybe about 40 People… But far from. The great room Schwuz was not only full but also fully occupied chairs on, I was pretty much at half past seven in the Schwuz. Only there I caught on, why I asked the nice man at the cash register after a reservation. I had just not the first time and had to sit pretty far back. Later, I fought for a place in one or more forward gear. It nachdem, just fit what.


Wong, the show itself is a further development of the Gong Show. Overall, it has the same rules:

One “Artist” on the stage, a mallet and gong. The worse the artist, ausgegongt to be the greater the risk of the jury. There are of course differences in the Wong Show. Here the jury is the audience – better every single audience.

The one, who does not find the presentation appealing, seeks Daphne de Baakel, which is somewhere in Punblikum, tried to wrest her flail (which makes them naturally and not immediately even not without a fight), if he has conquered the Schlegel, He tries to warriors by the Mass of proponents of this performance forward ( usually try about 20-30 People to defend at the same time and this performance at least as many, To end this presentation. This then watch something from a Massenkeilerei and you have, been advised not come in there as a bystander. Since then ever go Chairs, Glasses or broken ankle.

Somewhere in the middle of the joystick

If this bunch so then somehow moved towards the gong, then cross Tilly Creutzfeldt-Jacob must be overcome (and that's pretty big and not wearing heels for nothing instead prefer Rangers with steel caps). If the gong sounded through the stick (and it may be even, that here people are swinging stick together), then suddenly the music from, the Punlk dissolves, the flail is returned and the trail of devastation is cleared.

After that, everything goes with a new “Artists all over again”.. Oh by the way. Each artist has 20 Seconds reprieve, except in the Daphne de Baakel nobody is allowed to touch the stick.

Btw. long not every artist is ausgegongt, because many survive the whole song.
Crazy people.

And what about those crazy people exaggerated as gibts tomorrow…


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