Again in the GMF

For the second time after moving into the weekend, it led us into the weekend in the back GMF Club.

Actually, my enthusiasm was rather on a lower mediocrity. After 280 Kilometers from Hamburg to Berlin , an annoying Mitfahrerin and forgotten in Hamburg boots I had little desire, to break my… Of course, I then had me do not really have time to rock and made me to work for the Weekend.

Das Weekend… actually still the same, but a little something has changed – netürlich for good. Last time I found fault nor the pink illumination at the sink. I found fault with the extremely good lighting in the elevator un last but not least, I found fault with a little rum, that one part from 13. Stock went to the ground floor to the top of the 15. Stock to arrive. The've probably other Scrappy, because all this time was changed. Perfect.

Since Janka rumtrieb in bed with a cold this time we had to be content without it taking, mit Kitana, Mel and Sheila but of course I could not complain to first-class escort.


Mel in a punk style and class kitana in a dress, that also hangs in the closet with me and I had that night in the hand. Well what einGlück, I have decided against, because two trannies in the same dress, which is indeed not – especially not in this case, if not I look better and have a better Figut. da kann man ja nur verlieren 😉 und das muss ja nicht sein, gell.

But it was bannich full this evening in the GMF. Due to the holiday this week were probably some more tourists in town than usual and other, like my ex-colleague Rik have probably taken a week vacation. (Has actually earned vacation?) More people = more fun. Still, it was well filled, but catch a little girls in the GMF Club. Besides us there was only fours Biggy van Blond behind the CD player, which made a great music by the way. Hardly a non-danceable song – and even a small dropouts pressed down by a wrong knobs they played confidently.


Two-thirty, the trans fraction but still rose by almost exactly one-fifth. In fact, a slightly angeschickerte Sally Morell, the desire to say no more and had joined us and threw a round of Jagermeister. Thanks for that. (Therefore, if my fat couplers came on Monday morning?)

Otherwise, they still found Cecile and :Superzandy: in each case as a man and I still came to a photo, I always wanted to have once. Even with my very first visit to the misleading House I remembered the name Zoe for the first time at the Berlin nightlife. Meanwhile, I was determined to a dozen parties on which they hung up, nur zu einem Foto mit ihr kam es nie 🙂 Bis gestern.


And, of course the image is intended for the blog. And Yes, we will certainly attend the next Girls Town Party commented.


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