Notice: Propaganda


What exactly does it mean, that Propaganda back in Berlin, I do not know, I also do not know, as earlier propaganda parties were, but as of now it should take place every second Saturday of each party series in Goya, that each has the High Heels Party celebrated a comeback in summer. Was still a little too empty for my taste, but the store is great and Polla Disaster, :Superzandy: and Maringo vouch for good music. From DJ Baddlover I can not say sorry, because I have not known him. The whole thing is hosted by Marlene Deluxe from Frankfurt.

I guess, that should be the party of the weekend, otherwise there's the Kinzo Gaynite on offer, Polla is also where the mixer (whether before or after the propaganda, I do not know. Last but not least would be to visit nor the proxy Club, where :Gloria Viagra: The power of music.

Interesting, that both the party propaganda as well as the extra-point Kinzo it, Drags that are free. Im Schwuz ist das ja eh selbstverständlich 🙂


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