Notice: Queens & Sheriff and Venus Bizarre Weekend

Again a Friday, again a weekend in Berlin and thus also a look back at the Berlin nightlife.

It is clear, that as every third Saturday of the month :Nina Queer:s Irrenhouse pending. This can be uncommented as set View.

So for the first time #1 but there will be a new Electronic Party this Saturday, which Queens & Sheriffs calls. Elvira westward and Ria Stern will this sound to the Edelweiss and following subculture are invited small groups:

for lesbians, gay, shemale, drags … and what else is still running around as

So everything should be abgefrühstückt and then yes it will be interesting, was “electro and electro rock” so are.


This weekend, but are certainly a couple visitors in Berlin, the more fancy and really just another after a nice Venus, Search matching club.


These gentlemen should be the Insomnia times closer look, because there the this weekend Venus Bizarre Weekend occurs. So if you place more value on watch shall listen, that is certainly true here.



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