Melli Magic @ Irrenhouse

… and Stella and Mataina, and so on..

in the last week, I had rather Halloween to do with my blog. But before I get to the halloween weekend, I have firstonce work out the last weekend and we were once again in the Irrenhouse from :nina queer:.

After our visit to the Queens & Sheriffs Party ja schon beendet war, before we were drinne, we saw the Mad House this time extremely early. …Normally, yes, we plan to show at about the Trans-two to be on site. This time we were there but looong ago. And as Nina left waiting for their guests this time also extremely long, because they had to announce on Venus Pornstars – maybe they also had to take care of her otherwise… so you just do not know it. In any case, was the first statement of Stella Destroy “half past two starts the show”.

A little later revised this then Melli Magic “three quarters before being nothing”


But at half past Nina was not in the house. Eventually, as against three it was finally going.

But the wait should be worth it, because the show was one of the best in recent months, although the lady of the house this time (except moderation) stayed out of the show. Melli Magic, :Mataina Ah wie süß: and Stella Destroy but made for great entertainment.

It began with a presentation by Melli and Mataina, again the great sloping German songs, I do not know, however,, had chosen. And I can not help myself, something was different, entered as both the stage…


After about a week I've now seen the pictures, I think to know, what it is… Mataina has forgotten, sich die Augenbrauen zu zupfen 😉 Naja vielleicht war es auch das gesamte Outfit, Mataina but today had to go through as paunchy man, of it to the good times Melli really worried.

The two were followed after some time again from Stella Destroy, the one made on Christina Aguilera and Fighter mustered. A brilliant song with a great driving beat and a brilliant performance by Stella, the transformed without problems of the moth in the butterfly. Great and my highlite of the evening


But only just, because it was followed by a third, spectacular show, Melli Magic this time solo and armed with Whitney Houston and a large Hackebeilchen, with whom she made a delight, and the bawling crowd and relish chopped off the tethered sausages. This in itself is already hard Toback, but then to eat this hot dog relish yet… This is hard – – – aber ganz großes Kino 🙂


After the show, then all met before Krizzies lens again, a couple photos for Berlin 4 Fun, To make club feeling and sound Spitz and for all of our photo albums. Here then are actually a few nice Funny pictures come out. Only Berlin greatest tattoos in the form of Barbie Breakout talking this evening noticeably away from the camera lens. May be due to, that she had no desire to dressen obviously this evening and was a man on the go.


But again back to Melli Magic. The good mentioned their new website, under the immediate is found. Super, the more the girls understand and use the Internet, better. But still a few content on the page.

That will certainly change, I'm sure.


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