Christina Stürmer – I'm tired..

I'm tired, want to go home
but no time to go to sleep
I've already tonight before what.

I generally hear, like German music and recently I am stuck with Christina Stürmer. The lady at the Austrian Star Mania, which is something like American Idol only without piles, made the Grateful second place. She was so well known and still was able to develop quite the corset.

ANd I think it is better than all German superstars together – and obviously successful.

[youtube] = OsFXY0IgUcE[/youtube]

Now, The Live CD is great and Christina Stürmer somehow and this song speaks to me from the heart. I'm still pretty tired and yet I have no time to go sleep, otherwise close the shops and I still need a couple things, because I still have some evening before today. Because I just never get enough

[youtube] = GcA4zM4mX8o[/youtube]

A lot of parties waiting for us – and lots of partying.

a few nice songs:

I live
Mama (ana ahabak)
An Sommer Taken
Angels fly alone
Without you


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