Satin dresses tear too easily.

And again learned what: Sit down when trying on clothes.

Since I at yes Roberto Cavalli that H&M gotten nothing more have, So I had to look myself where there should be something nice for the weekend.

This surprised me but rather, that the H&M in the new Alexa shopping mall, probably the 25,000 th shopping center in Berlin was apparently still Cavalli pieces. – In the window – … what are the pieces in the shop window? If the whole store no longer exists Cavalli piece, then it was not actually need no longer advertise, or? What I would actually learn, if I had asked in the shop window for THE Dress.

If it is the last dress, they can deliver it to me yes, they do not need it more than advertising object, but when they have no further more to Sell… They would not even have to give me a discount exhibit.

Well I guess, they had a ( unsatisfactory for me ) Had evidence. No matter, Also from war aus Horses, I went to the Berlin fashion store again in the streets Friedrich Passage. They know me already and there are hardly surprising, when a man dress in Umkleiderkabine disappears – Taken Dress, purely in the cabin and done as if it were the most normal thing in the world – after all, almost every time I buy a dress.

No matter, already at the escalator driving I saw in the window a satin dress, I wanted to have the same – In contrast to H&M but there was this dress then actually in the store, in all sizes and in silver and black.

Both dresses looked great, but gold is not festive enough time. Gold color Christmas – also I lack proper golden shoes.. So the silver….


Usually a dress for me is the size “The” the right, but this one time seemed “The” tatzöchlich a little too large. So again tightened, and again “M” tried. Super, fits, like a glove, I suppose .. Said, done in the evening and attracted. still it fit quite well until the moment when I sat down for the first time.

Rrrrrrrrritsch! Torn seam. Fuck!

Luckily, we still had to anyway to Janka and had fabric glue and needle and thread to fix this mishap. Satin tears unfortunately quite easily.

But hardly had we solved the mishap was a Janka, a second torn seam on, I also sewed.

From now on it was called at every sit down to watch properly – nevertheless found himself this morning while checking a third seam, it has also caught….

So I have to admit, that this satin dress, although there are like a glove in fit, while sitting there clearly was too small but…. The insight is indeed hard, but for “M” but then I seem to be fat ;(

When I do so it should buy this same golden dress, then clearly in Large.


4 thoughts on “Satin dresses tear too easily.

  1. Die Madels bei H&M hatten dir angeboten, dass du dich auf eine Warteliste setzen kannst, denn die Kleider aus dem Schaufenster sin dschon reserviert und wenn diejenigen es nicht nehmen, gibt es weitere Wartende

  2. eggs, genau das hat mir Sheila gestern schon erklart. Aber wenn sie keine Kleider mehr haben, sollten sie die trotzdem aus dem Schaufenster nehmen

  3. Wenn sie die aus dem Schaufenster nehmen, kommt ja deswegen keiner mehr in den Laden, und kauft auch sonst nichts anderes. Reine Taktik.
    Wenn du hier in Melbourne ein Kleid, Hose, …, kaufst und die Verkauferin nach ihrer Meinung fragst, kommt immer als Antwort: “Did you do the sit-test?” *lach*
    Hoffe dein Kleid halt noch lange, steht dir gut!

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