No images on the ruined men Men's Health Party

After the Solar wanted Sara and I dance..

That was also the reason, warum dieser Abend ein wenig mehr zum DéjàVu zum Februar wurden. At that time we were not let into the Golden Cut, But more on that later.


I felt like, again to the Bangaluu to go, So we drove down there. So we have two to three minutes, the two bouncers have to wait in the cold, as if the cash just crowded. But this was not so.. To my amazement, the girl at the till then wanted this time no admission of Us, but we discussed “Today we take no more entry, it is empty”. In fact, I usually only order the Bangaluu 6 Clock in the morning seen as empty, but not by about 1 Clock… The reason, let us wait at the door, So I opened up not really… No matter, into an empty club we did not, so we said goodbye to immediately leave again reject us to the next club…

In fact,, was a rejection with start. I had read, that this evening at Felix party was a Men's Health. Men’s Health, the men's magazine with topics such as fitness, Women, Sex und …Yes cars just like the men and women from the solar. Since we have a limited view of the world again.


Imagine times before, there saw a Men's Health readers two slender tall blondes from behind would want to use his right learned in the last issue of flirting tips and win with his learned from many editions fitness tips and then try at a later date, the best sex tips of his collected men's health issues – and then the two turn around – and are no women. Perhaps would then actually a male world view in the long run be disturbed. Of course we do not want and the bouncer probably not.


In his defense it must be said but, that he still very friendly and I brought this cancellation him “sorry” have decreased smooth.

After these two cases, the net Schwuz remained. As a good alternative. Here you will always be happy to be here and it's actually always full. Furthermore, mood and music are actually never to complain.


That evening there was a party with Search And Destroy everything that can be described as guitar music. “My music”, great music and a really good party with great mood. We had fun and I was not sure about the last time at this party….



7 thoughts on “No images on the ruined men Men's Health Party

  1. Hi Zoe,
    lese Deine Kommentare und Berichte (und die von Sheila) aus Berlin eigntlich immer regelmaßignach meinem Besuch am WE muss ich allerdings sagen: HH ist für mich persönlich eigentlich als Stadt unschlagbar #1!!

    mit einem freundlichen Glückauf vom Rhein an die Spree

    Claudia Frieden

  2. Ob nu HH die Krönung aller deutschen Stadte ist wage ich mit Recht hier und für alle Zeit stark zu bezweifeln, enthalte mich aber lieber einer sinnvollen Wertung…. bringt ja ehhh nix 😉 *lol*

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