Bohème Sauvage

!update! I could not read the data again, therefore, is not the weekend Boheme Sauvage sondern Boheme Noir

20he annual clothing – what and where?

Sheila sent me this link to a great party next weekend, which brings me into trouble quite.

The Society for sophisticated entertainment organized a monthly Bohਠme Sauvage with dance music from the 20s to 40s, with gambling, Cabaret, Absinthe and Amusements. All in steamy atmosphere, and especially with a STRICT dress code.

This Bohਠme Sauvage sounds just great and the Pictures can promise a lot. Above all, finally a party, is placed on the actual importance to compliance with the prescribed dress codes, What remains of the sounds in the Great.

Dress Code: STRICTLY Bohèmian, Burlesque, Cabaret, Cancan, Dandy, Decadent, Diva, Gala, Hoodlum, Rogue, Gigolo, Glamour, Glitter, Mafiosi, Red Moilin, Roaring Twenties, Variety, Vaudeville etc..

After I have now informed me on the web, Although I know the email address, I get the reduced admission, However, with the best knowledge, not exactly what needs an outfit for her.

It remained at a glance:, the only insignificantly assisted me. I know now, that long hair was frowned upon, that pearl necklaces were in and danced the Charleston, However, I do not have a short wig, even a pearl necklace or a Charleston Dress.

The only Charles Transportation dresses, I found on the internet, however, were at any fancy dress shops, their “great” Quality is indeed almost legendary.

So there is again a lot to do and too little time.

But I think, this party, it might be worth.

At least I got a brief introduction to 20ies Makeup found, or a Marlene Dietrich Makeup



3 thoughts on “Bohème Sauvage

  1. uuurgs. Warum zum Teufel ist mir das gestern nicht aufgefallen, ich habe mir bestimmt anderthalb bis zwei Stunden Flyer und ahnliches angesehen und nicht gemerkt, dass das Datum ein anderes ist.

    Und ich dachte noch. “höhö, ein Fehler auf dem Flyer. Man soll ihnen eine Email wegen dem Codewort nis zum 28.12. schicken, wahrend die Party doch viel früher ist, die meinen wohl 28.11.”….. OKay war wohl eher mein Fehler.

    Okay, aber da MÜSSEN wir UNBEDINGT mal hin. Die scheint mir klasse zu sein.

    die boheme-noir ist ja scheinbar dann doch eher 20er Jahre + fetisch als original 20er Jahre. Das macht den dresscode einfacher, I find.

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