Drag Queen Elf Dance

I usually lies so far, To steal content with Sheila. Let us have a Ladie's agreement, states that approximately, that the one, who found it first, keep it, can use ie.

Today, however, I have to hand offend times, because the good has something to found ingenious, simply that no one shall be deprived. Elfyourself.com, more specifically, the ability, to exorcise his own face on an elf body, the dancing to Christmas music sends Christmas greetings to your fellow man and hopefully they pleased.

Sheila has not, however, leave it there for a little Christmas elf, but immediately established an entire girl group, because on the video on their page I see the same dance three Christmas elves. Sheila, Janka and myself.


I need it urgently ask again, if we already have a name – and I find, that my Christmas elf still takes a little practice, somehow he is least in the clock… or just come to me before so?

No matter, So you eleventh himself with elfyourself.com Weihnachstgrüsse and send to friends, families and relatives.


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