Crazy Paradise

While Sheila was getting ready to fly into the sun, drove Janka, Mel and I once again witness the Winter Garden Variety Nina's second string to their Crazy Paradise. Their first strike was already very great

As I stated already, the last time winter music hall is probably one of the most glamorous party venues, the Berlin offers so and thus probably actually the best location for :Nina Queers: Crazy Paradise.


A number freaky guests and a show, that goes beyond the typical trans shows the other parties with acrobatics and music. Here is less important than the party see the, which can be seen and of course the show.

This began with two Ukrainian acrobats, demonstrated the almost unbelievable power with slow and thus presumably more severe feats.


This performance was followed with the words “It is the most glamorous of all of us … Melli Magic!” Whether it is now the allerglamouröseste, is debatable safe, but it is, that they would be one of the possible candidates for the title. But it probably would not be good, to award such a title. That would only bad blood.

Melli surprised with a slightly different version of the Miss Wet T-Shirt Contest. You defoliated slowly, stripped to the wig and the dress off and poured himself ultimately with a water bottle.


Something different… But I hardly think, Mellis mascara that has survived the.

Nun hat ein Casting Nina and im Irrenhouse carried out to find another show act. The winner is probably a girl, that was announced as a burlesque dancer… Unfortunately, the girl has moved so swiftly, I have no decent picture found. I'm not sure, if she wore two oranges in her hair but in any case she wore around his waist bananas, as the saying goes, in the old hit.


Then the hostess followed himself with two of her songs, of which they are still about 150 CDs has left.. 9 from 10 Pressed CDs she has thus sold. ….Honestly, even if it's Nina and her songs have a certain wit, I can not understand, why someone spends money for… But the question I ask myself about 80 Songs to Top 100 Charts..


At last came the guest star Gabi Decker. According to the Petite is funny like Desiree Nick in.

I found it funny, however, little…. Quite rigid they stood on the stage and rattled down her stage show. It was not only learned by heart – it sounded so. And something like this is boring. So I did not like Gabi Decker Desiree Nick only funny, but the other way around.


Otherwise, I have ruined the Crazy Paradise on the stairs my beautiful glittery silver pumps, by the entire paragraph has been replaced in case you stumble. Sadly, today the cobbler shaking his head, when I brought him over…. He Dabehalten they nevertheless… Let's see, maybe he will get it back anyway – I'd definitely have a second pair of shoes in the car, could therefore change.


I had still a few nice photos of Olga, Barb, the funny pig and a few other people shoot before driving on.

Crazy Paradise, always nice…



One thought on “Crazy Paradise

  1. nenene, ich sagte neddie Nick in witzig”, but “normalerweise ist die Decker witziger als die Nickund meinte da mehr in der Hinsicht, dass der Humor von D. Nick, halt eher einseitig ist (“dissen um jeden Preis”). wohingegen G. Decker halt nerichtige Kaberettistin” is (und ganz persönlich mag ich es halt, wenn jemand auch ein Spasschen machen kann, dass ned auf Kosten andrer geht). Und im Fernsehen kommt die Deckerin oft ziemlich gut. Live hab ich sie aber nie gesehen.

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