Police in front of the bush

After Gayhane Party we went another round in the bush, where the other straight rumtrieben. Mel had somehow found there and Kitana had ended their hosting activities on the Pacha Party at Geburtgstagsklub, Ines also was there, I previously knew only in the male edition. So once again a very nice Trans march in building B.


For myself, the evening was anything but wiebe already completed, because my feet have burned terribly from a few hours of dancing at the party Gayhane and dancing was no longer thinking. Actually was barely remember, to GO, because the second shoes, I was wearing because the Cracked sales in Crazy Paradise is not just distinguished by a particularly good footbed. One could also say, they were the last scrap, and I preferred to sit around.


Mel has once again reverted back to my car shortly and then we actually wanted to pick up as a chauffeur in front of hotel B…

For one, the times would be Befitting, For the second, we both wanted to stop and eventually it was really really cold. A good idea so, for which I would like briefly gave my keys.

But somehow my car was not driven up. Instead, Mel came on foot and mentioned, that the police stood there with three car around and made including alcohol checks. Since Mel did not come clean.

I had less problems with it, I at most to a high taurine (or what is still inside RedBull) and so had to 0,00 Had expected per thousand.

But since we got right behind the police car they let us through without checking. The thought probably: “The're sober, or extremely callous – or just stupid”

Now I was sober, even though I had already placed me rightly license and registration certificate – and I thought, whether I should probably also like Nina recently put my wig….


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