Freaky Friday @ Music Hall

Give youngsters a chance.


On Friday With blenda and Lilli Line the (actual) Given first in a new series of parties and it sounded really really good. In walk distance from the now closed Kinzo or of course, still open Gmf wanted to celebrate the two at the Music Hall. Also equally high profile and well-known female DJ to have been booked for the first trial, :Superzandy: and Melli Magic should sound for the dance floor and a flyer informed, that the second party on 08. February, the two-meter sizes Olivia Jones and :Gloria Viagra: would be expected.


…But it is probably nothing, because the organizer has set a minimum number of visitors, to be achieved, so that the party series continues. Hello?? What's that for an organizer? I mean, who runs a disco, but the need to know, that especially fill parties, when 2-3 Parties were previously well and gets around the potential of a party.

I mean, let's take Chicago Rose with their party, the first was very empty, the second very well filled. So it can go.


I mean, that an ad in the Zitty or the Victory Column hardly noticeable impact on visitor numbers, the others have already noticed. Now, when the Music Hall does not want, then you should not force them. Sadly, I think that's still, because I would have indulged a success.

Maybe you can find another place for Freaky Friday. Have at the moment because the closed Kinzo anyway a lot of parties are looking for new places. Chicago, for example, has now moved into the Caramba Bar on Alex.



3 thoughts on “Freaky Friday @ Music Hall

  1. keeen wunder bei solch einer scheußlichen gestaltung einer anzeige würde ick ooch zweimal überlegen ob ick da hingehe 😉 .. da hatte mal die liebe blenda jemand fragen sollen der pixel in die richtige richtung schubsen kannz.b. ME!

  2. Es war sehr schön das du da warst zoe!
    Für die erste Party und kurz nach Silvester war die Party eigentlich nicht schlecht besucht immerhin 160 Gaste andere Partys waren an diesen Abend noch leerer.
    Das was doof war war die location ich glaube sie ist einfach nicht für eine schwulenparty gut genug .
    Es war irgendwie zu hetero das Ambiente .
    Das nachste mal ist viel besser durchdacht und garantiert nie wieder in so einer Location !Versprochen!

    Küsschen Blenda

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