Red high heels and nice legs

or maybe a red bra under the blouse unbuttoned?

Beautiful legs on high heels many men in Germany (29 Percent) erotic than a deep neckline (19 Percent). This is from a survey published on Tuesday the women's magazine “¾ Elle”"Out.

Next to “¾ beautiful legs on high heels”"Is for 21 Percent of the red signal particularly sexy – whether in shoes, Wash or dress. An unbuttoned blouse bra pulls up to the 22 Percent of men in. And 18 Percent find a tight “¾ Little Black Dress”"Very stylish.

In, because the cubit quite unexpected things has indeed times found. It is indeed, that men standing on nice legs in high heels. Who would have thought.

Okay we think times, what that means for us…

bild2.jpgI'm just assume, that the yard now has not explicitly asked for female legs, but nice legs in high heels are more generally acceptable as. Now it is not uncommon, I get compliments that my legs – and there was actually getting stuck in high heels I must be not too far removed from above ideal.

…When I think about quite, but women seem equally (perhaps even more) as men to stand on high heels and legs, because the majority of the compliments came from women.

Also Mädels, you have the long and slim legs and wearing high heels: 29 % all men say 🙂

If the heels are still red then: the better. But you buy ordinary shoes, otherwise you similar happened as the unnamed Asian, the image on the right, their shoes sat through has danced.

hier war mal ein Bild.


2 thoughts on “Red high heels and nice legs

  1. >>But you buy ordinary shoes,
    >>sonst passiert Euch ahnliches wie der
    >>namentlich nicht genannten Asiatin, of
    >>Bildes rechts, their shoes
    >>(durchgesess..) has danced.

    🙄 😛 😎 😉

  2. Das klingt ja fast wie eine Klage … “was die Manner von uns verlangen”!

    Well, wenn Euch Frauen das zu einseitig ist, dann motiviert doch die Manner gleich mit zu ziehen. Es gibt ausreichend Shops im Netz, die High Heels bis Größe 46 or 47 offer. Und rote Wasche findet sich sicherlich auch für Ihn.


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