Dad's in Drag

When a daddy presents in women's clothes, then he is a crossdresser, if present two Daddys in women's clothes, then there are two crossdressers, but when 16 Daddies present in women's clothes, then they are like the fathers of the world, because then they all try for her daughter a card for the American cross between April Lavigne and Britney Spears to win.

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Any radio station on the frequency 98,7 Hannah Montana gave away cards and the little fly in the ointment was, that only men could win – and worse, only men in women's clothes. Now you have to know not Hannah Montana, to recognize, that it probably is a teen idol and I can think of, that one or the other fathers were forced from their small tidy tined, join there.

I only ask again, where the men are merely the wigs ago… Something one has actually not just once in the closet, or does it?


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