Stonewall 69 – Don`t feel comfortable

Stonewall 69

Stonewall – Every reader here is probably familiar with the term somewhat. Those ignorant, which this keyword does not bring inspiration, to be said, that the Stonewall Inn those bar in Christopher Street was, in which the 28. June 1969 first time on a larger scale resistance of gays, Lesbians and trannies against repression and police raids formed. All culminating in the multi-day Stonewall riots and is commonly regarded as a turning point in the recognition of the gay movement.

Exactly one year later, the first gay pride parades in New York and other cities were held, which are better known as Christopher Street Day in Germany.

Now there are tons of different stories about, what really expired and who is there actually rebelled as ersts. The gay proclaim the same for themselves, who drags oder Lesben…. but actually it is not really important, it is nevertheless important, that Stonewall has yet obviously causes some.

With Stonewall 69 – Don`t feel comfortable there for some time now a musical, exactly that tells this story. Dave and Michael drown their sorrow at the death of Judy Garland in alcohol and sit with the lesbian fight Al and the aging tranny “¾ Drag Queen” im Stonewall, stir as Chief Detective Pine and his officers the bar.

This suggests the Mephisto-like narrator named “Zeitgeist” repeatedly bridges from that time to the present situation. It flows blood and it is a tragic piece but in the end it should be beautiful.


After several months have researched the creators of this musical and it may well be hoped, that they have also learned the right next to all the stories and have brought these as realistically as possible to the stage. But unfortunately not enough faithfully always, if it is dull and boring then.

At least with the performance on 16.01. May there was probably to different opinions, because in addition to success, there was also criticism:

Why dancing gays and lesbians in the summer months on high-pitched parades through the streets? This musical will give answers and the public the history of the homosexual movement in detail. A commendable approach, of allerdings in Pantyhose geht.
(Text: Kai Wulfes)

But whether the story is now played 100% true or not, if she tells good, Is clichéd or boring, it is definitely a story that should be told and you should look at times.

Education, so to speakwatch TVMusical

If the musical once again be played in Berlin, I'll probably look at it.

btw. anyone know what movie this is?

[youtube] = Y-Rh9SaaWy0[/youtube]



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