Oscars without Paris Hilton

What I've cried, I had to read the. Paris Hilton can not come to the Oscars.

The It Girl will be undesirable. You've encouraged her, not to come to the awards ceremony on Sunday. The British newspaper “"Daily reports, therefore be the Paris Hilton devastated. For them it was a shock and not understandable, why it should not come. You should even have already bought a dress for the Oscars.

You have to let firstonce bag. Much funnier than the fact, that Paris Hilton will probably not come to the Oscars is, in my view, the fact, that she “has suggested”. I have always thought, you would be the only Oscar, if you were invited. Consequently, I thought so far, that would be an undesirable person simply does not invite, if it is not to come. Why do you put it close to someone? Would mean, that I might come even to the Oscars, if you do not explicitly suggest me, not to come.

I mean, I have of course no idea, just why I should not come. In addition, I also have a terrific evening dress, I need to state the “Bought especially for the Oscars” would give…

Or is there something, what distinguishes me from Paris Hilton?


11 thoughts on “Oscars without Paris Hilton

  1. @ Sheila. Pöööh Robert de Niro hat auch mehrere Millionen US$ und der darf auch kommen. das kann es also nicht sein. Ausserdem ist der Umrechnungskurs $ – € ja im Moment so schlecht, dass vielleicht sogar ich …. naja vielleicht auch nicht.

  2. No no, das missverstehst du.

    Robert De NiroHose – invited

    Paris Hilton – Röckchennicht eingeladen
    Zoe Delay – Röckchennicht eingeladen

    die Paris hat doch zumeist auch ein röckchen anund wie oben erwahnt hatte sie ja auch schon ein Kleid gekauftkeine Hose.

  3. also einen Stielden könnte sich Miss Hilton mit Geld ja tatsachlich zulegen 😉 Gemeint ist der Stil, denn mit dem Stiel hat Stil nicht unbedingt etwas zu tun, “das is ´ne Sache der Ausstrahlung; ich sach` ma´- Charisma !”
    LG, Vanessa

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