No time

Why does the day actually only 24 Hours, I need at least 30 – and more time just last night I was with Sheila in Bangaluu and GMF club and would really much to tell of two birthday parties, a five transmembrane shows and one morning with the words of my colleague “Man you look tired” started.

But now it's gone again 02:05 morning and I'm going again this night can not make up for the lost sleep hours. Since I'm getting tired now but, have to wait a bit on this Geschicten to. Probably not a whole while, because tomorrow will firstonce Tine Wittler, Verona Poth und Enie of Mejklockjes (naja fast – Strictly speaking, are outside my door tomorrow some Shemales) and pimp my apartment into a proper Trans apartment. Ohmann because I shudder to think now before already. Hopefully they do not cancel my wall pink or so.

Otherwise, I hang the next day at the Cebit trade fair ITB and any marketing around, So do not be surprised, when my blog is updated the next day a little less than normal. At the moment, rich 24 Hours not simply for a day.

good night


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