20it's party in Leydicke

(K)a birthday for Boheme Sauvage Leydicke

20He's Party Berlin

After the last (our first) Boheme Sauvage oxymoron in the last month was actually clear, that they would now see us as surely common.

So it was also the last Saturday again, to bring the 20's clothes out of the closet, put on the stole and the headdress and drive into Leydicke. After all, we had kept some steel Else availability at this time its not as big guest list. Thank you for. We really appreciate it. Especially if already in general little guests at this 20's party just yet which purely want free.


Indeed, it would also have been easy, to bring these places for money to the man or the woman, because this party was sold out a few days before starting. One could also say – up to the last place.

The fact you could see clearly in Leydicke, the fourth is at most as large as the oxymoron, because it was packed in tight spaces. In order to deliver its jackets, you had to put, for example, the Black-Jack donors almost on the lap and the dance floor was already well filled inevitably, because people had to escape somewhere yes.


The whole of the party, however, did not in the least an abortion but almost made the whole family. Ob mit Else, Coco, Cloe or by any guests, we got talking and one could with the usual good music entertained with all. In the oxymoron that was hardly possible, was here (and wanted) you do not fight it. This was recognized by the previous party guests and even other events again. Somehow a large family.


In general, the Leydicke: somehow this pub has a very special charm, but probably without the people in the party would be only half as large. To a rustic ambience and a blackboard, the past through a 100 Anniversary informed… This left not recognize the best will, when this board was made. 2008 or perhaps 1945 or 1897, nobody knows it exactly. But one can assume, that the Leydicke in over 100 Years has seen a thing or two and that was sometime maybe ever celebrated in similar clothes many years ago.

Miss Julietta

The price structure seems not to have changed since then especially – so it is hardly a party, on the one Absynth with a piece of burning sugar and anise 2 Euros can get ridiculous. This is called probably cost price. The great cherry wine was only slightly more expensive and therefore absolutely be described as a low. I got it for free even in response to my lost camera on the Rocky Horror Party….. I miss the genuine words of praise.


If you can not accuse one thing the lady stainless steel, then it is definitely an extreme profit. Some war liebevoll organisiert, the drinks as already named, really cheap, a small cake buffet was free and did not cost the wardrobe also and each guest got a ticket at the box office handed with whom he won in any case in the subsequent raffle.

Properly! A raffle, won in each lot. There were books, 20it's party CDs, Free tickets for the next Boheme Sauvage and and and. I think such a below-average profit determined since there was no longer… not well determined since the 20s. A big compliment.


This nice atmosphere even sat down to Black Jack by employers, who ever told his players their cards and they continued to but prefer to take no more cards, and if he should tell him, what would there be so… His teammates recognized the 20 Points followed this advice – and consequently won. I suppose, in a casino, such a dealer expect the termination.


What can I say, I found the party very personal and very nice. The oxymoron is nice but this party was somehow still loving.

Only one thing trügte my mood a little bit sooo sooooo… as I had on the previous Boheme Sauvage nor a birthday of my interlocutor Frl. Marcella heard at this party…. Now that I wanted to smooth true to the old advertising slogan Yes Torty “a cake instead of big words” Congratulations with a chocolate muffin with birthday candle – Unfortunately, however, she decided this evening against the party and for other employment. Damage! But what are emails. Although the image of a burning candle on a muffin hardly be equated with a burning candle on a muffin is, oder 😉



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