Just buy two times Dirndl

Two dirndl to the Oktoberfest 2008

This comical costume fashion dirndl my whole life I never could really do something somehow. The mere question, whether the whole dirndl now or perhaps rather Dirndel (with e) writes would have caused only a shrug when I really undwissendes. I should not have said and – more importantly,. It would not really interest me.

Fashion Dirndl costume

As it now writes, I have now found out and also the interest has increased somewhat since last October. Whether it is the image of my (in the rest of Bavaria) Colleague was, that was really looked snazzy in her dirndl or perhaps rather their own experience to Oktoberfest last year in Irrenhouse, I can not really say with certainty….

I guess I must admit I simply, I must admit, that is now and then to look at a traditional fashion nice. – Assuming it's just October, Oktoberfest or any event that somehow the closely related.

Such an event we want to visit this year and although the Oktoberfest. Janka, Sheila, Krizzi and I – as a tour guide and the grandiose :Superzandy:. The promises excitement, Fun and adventure and beer – or prosecco for non-beer drinkers among us…

Is funny, that there is even a gay Oktoberfest page. Below Rosawiesn.de is apparent to everyone, what you like to know. From “Gay Sunday” in the Bräurosl to “Prosecco-Wiesn” in the Fischer Vroni… Because there was not even any party for women only? Well I do not know, whether there should really go away gay – but is only half as funny.

No matter, According to my colleague, you should make early thoughts and book early, otherwise it may be, that you sleep on the train and stupid standing around in front of the beer tent must, held indoors to celebrate on the benches.

“Care early drum”. This statement I've taken to heart… For me, this meant: 1. Buy Dirndl (ticked off). In fact, I've even beat twice. Ebey invited simply too much for a. 2x Dirndl, Blouse, Apron, So the whole package for me please, so I can choose, me what is better…

Dirndl costume

Now I have to change something even – However, only, less good-looking if I can not shake the. But this will hardly happen, because I can probably sell well at the time, where every dirndl shop from Flensburg to Munich, the “Sold Out” Sign hanging out and the big hype begins. Who knows maybe I can then even buy one or the other of beer or one or the other of Prosecco, I should make a profit.

Incidentally, the two best pieces I bought at Alpine costumes and Oskar leather. I hope, that both have no problem with it, when I show the image, otherwise, please send a little message before a warning, I can sure both images already replace it with two images of the originals then arrived.

Have fun and talk at the Oktoberfest 2008 and that after looking back a whole lot people trannies in Dirndl…

Notes to my colleague:
1) Can I get picture of you?
2) 2566 / 8-2-1-1-1-1 / 6,42 €


7 thoughts on “Just buy two times Dirndl

  1. lol “weird traditional clothing”. So I think dirndls are hot, especially the shorter ones that you can see more and more at the Oktoberfest now. You can say what you want Dirndls are simply sexy

    I'm curious how you guys this one “Event” called Oktoberfest fallen. As a Munich resident, this is a so-called mandatory event and we call it Wiesn.

    And depending on how long you stay, two dirndls are definitely not too many 😉

    Have fun then

  2. A Drindl is something chic and something out of the ordinary “Home” Bavaria – and not only at the Oktoberfest. The only thing that I find weird, are Asians who walk around in Munich in lederhosen or dirndls. 🙂

  3. Dirndls are a great thing, just like lederhosen. Unfortunately,, unfortunately you see them far too little and mostly only at the Oktoberfest. Fortunately, there are still hearty forest festivals and lake festivals in Upper Bavaria, where the tradition of the costume is still maintained. And I also love an Asian woman in a dirndl, when there is wood in front of the hut.

  4. Hi,

    where can you buy a dirndl here in HK?? I need it next Friday…
    In the costume shops, however, they are really not nice…
    Thanks in advance…

  5. Hello,

    I'm desperately looking for the pink dirndl pictured above. Can someone help me, where I can find him???

    Thank you


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