The Myfest on 1. More – During the day

Who wakes me up there on the 1. More?

If you have a morning against 12 Clock (for me it's morning, if I order 6 'm home)… So if you order in the morning 12 Clock with the sounds of Germany must die is awakened by Slime, then surely something must be wrong…


In my case, it was the first demonstration 1. May Kreuzberg, who are selected for their anti-capitalist and anti-WHATEVER final rally the square in front of my apartment. I could not understand exactly, what they wanted, but it seemed not to be really relevant, because the fan base was rather limited and on about 2-3 Participants came a policeman ever again with neon yellow vest added, which also fits all “Anti” were adjusted.. Namely, as “Anti-Konflikt”-Team.


Now I like that everything actually. I've also Kreuzberg, not just selected me as a place. Good good, I work 300 Meters away, but I found the Orange Street right the first time, as I drove by class. Something between Schanzenviertel, Reeperbahn side street and Altona, pretty pretty multicultural and left. A road with the only St. Pauli Fanshop in Berlin, a road, where to homes ever anti-fascist flags or banners hanging and a road, where you can experience real time to Iroquois cuts infreier time of wild. As I said, politically and musically I feel at home here – if I'd just woken up not with demo sounds ;-)…


Well this is the 1. May and so it is probably on this day. And that day is quite Kreuzberg to the Orange Street and the Mariannenplatz a hard place. As 15 various stages of all genres, all of which have only one thing in common – one hardly knows a band… Well in Hamburg I would have known more under the same conditions, because the Berlin music scene is not as my 1.000.000 € discipline issues. At least I knew none of the bands. But one thing was clear, Commerce was written rather small here. Rapbands, Sound Systems, Will- and punk bands, Heavy Metal Bands, Folk sounds, DJ’s, and and and. A bit like the harbor birthday in Bernhardt Nocht Strasse – only with more stages.


Sowas to ich. Strays around and recognize music, learn and experience. While burned cars in Hamburg, Stones flew, Water cannon and use the right and left were, in Berlin were the one and only stones in this picture in motion


While police were on the move, but, really like a folk festival, just present but not particularly striking. That did not change, decreased as the registered main demonstration with thousands Mitmarschierern by Myfest.


A strange feeling. It is just not realizing before a music stage and suddenly the music stops and a demonstration with sound trucks, DKP, Antifascist-, Russia- and other driving pulls over totally quiet like a Tauermarsch…


But somehow that does not really interest someone and the party went by and large, the whole unchanged. It waralso somehow a folk festival with demo character and good music, mostly stuck to the Core Tex stage, where there was the punk, Ska and the largest collection of Mohawk hairstyles since FC. Hamburg Dishes Festival.




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