Myfest an der Core Tex Bühne

Core Tex – The best stage of Myfest 2008.

For me, only one stage was on the Myfest actually really important. Die Core Tex Bühne. Core Tex is a record store, the only punk, Sold Hardcore and related music. Similarly, then, the program was on stage Punk, Will, Rocksteady lastig. The stage was located right at the entrance of the Orange Street and marked the completion of a Myfestes.



Because of the music gathered in front of the stage just all people, the order could start something, Punk, Rockabillys, link Skins, normal Personen, a few goths, an illustrious mix so such a compilation can be found in Hamburg just in the hill or on St. Pauli. This was the largest collection of ornate mohawk hairstyles, I have since FC St. Pauli rescuers saw festival.


Speaking of this club. You could also imagine, you had to actually be somewhere in Hamburg. St. Pauli Patch, Sticker, Buttons, Shirts, Caps, Jerseys, Jackets. The whole Fanarsenal was there to see and Yes! I felt at home.

Now that's commonly the clientele, which is ascribed sometimes also left violence, but strictly speaking not particularly changed in front of stage much, as a backstage once ascended to pistols and police sirens wailed.


Knapp 50 Meters behind the stage began to 23:00 then that the playing field for the May Festival. There were stones thrown, Open glass containers and tend not made the calls to the police result.

From time to time one of the rioters then fled into the street festival, what the police then prompting times with just 50 armored police officers to attend the street festival to withdraw then a few minutes later.


The band plays, during 50 helmeted, armed and armored police hooligans to pursue a Myfest and nobody cares really. Somehow an equally bizarre situation, as Demo am Nachmittag.


Well stones were thrown and then still behind the stage there was a lot of excitement. Press helmeted men sought Photos, Police moved in turtle formation advance, the whole battlefield was illuminated by huge police lights and a lot of onlookers watched the whole thing. …Somehow it had something very staged.


I did, however, rather then at the stage with the music and Strongbow Cider. A tasty stuff. From half past twelve were only DJ music and the stage was dismantled quickly…. Half past one, than two Grünbehelmte discontinued the event the stage was almost gone. Perhaps no record, but close to it. Then I went home.

Whether something has happened? I do not think, because 32 !!! Police car, that stood by the Oranienplatz around and count out my proof were, moved for a while not move.


Conclusion: Core Tex stage was great, people also, there is little happening and Strongbow Cider tastes great.


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