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Swing Kids

At the moment my blog more 20s to 40s is rather queer presence. The need to forgive me, but other times it will come again. Very latest, the day after tomorrow. Perhaps tomorrow. Today, however, I must again point to a movie, which is one of my favorite and as I was already far did, that in Berlin a brisk 20ies Scene and parties such as the Boheme Sauvage are.

[youtube] = COJH-cPJ2so[/youtube]

Actually, I was looking in Hamburg to film something like this – and it was not. But at least it gave me time to, me to buy a CD first swing and then sneak in once into the music. Days after that I was wearing a hat is just a sideshow this story and many more light then my somewhat eccentric clothing style actually takes the movie Swing Kids attributable. The hat may have, But then I actually wore it… but no matter. We come to the movie.

Swing Kids is a film, who plays the Nazi era in Germany. In fact, he plays in my hometown Hamburg. However, he was shot just outside of Hamburg, namely in Prague. Therefore, one can also recognize keienrlei locations, the TO PROMOTION a known.
Something that makes?

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Critics also say, dass die Musik teilweise nicht wirklich in die Zeit passen würde und eher schon fast Rock’n’Roll getanzt würde.
Something that makes?
No well I do not care, because I like the movie.

Swing Kids is a film about the love of music through existing friendships and friendships, going on in the Nazi era to fractures, a film about rebellion, on task and a lot of music and dance.

In the late thirties of the last century, Peter plays with the guys, Thomas Arvid and swing a big role, music, the attitude and the clothes. The general political society, however, this music has been banned and plates are published only under a false name or not at all.

[youtube] = SHcBYGN-3uM[/youtube]

Swing parties, there are still – at least until the band Tanzcafe quickly change from swing to German folk music, because once again pending a crackdown. But times are tough and of course it hits one of the friends. He must join the Hitler Youth and changes.

Hitler Youth on the day – Swing Kids am Abend. But does not work and the ideology takes him. Including of course the friendship is on the rocks, until it naturally comes at the end to a kind of showdown. Whether it's a happy ending, But you have to find out for yourself.

[youtube] = brlV5HNns4Q[/youtube]

No matter, was say, For me this movie was a small first introduction to the music and in addition to the Scholastic Education also a thought, zudenken times on the post and to recognize, how can the general flow carried away people, would actually be pretty apolitical.

[youtube] = Rd-a2Vu92kI[/youtube]

So looks purely times and let the hardcore music, Policy, Film critic Spectacle weg

Oh purely random, there are many small Fragmenting the entire Filmin on Youtube. 😉

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