Margot Schlönzke & Kora Van Tastisch

…I'm diligent reader of the various Bullettins and newsletters, Short messages and relevant gazettes and so escapes me at least not in berlin too little, such as, for example, the fact, that Margot Schlönzke and Kora van Tastisch some time ago in the AHA sort of a best of 5 Wanted to give the best years of combined travesty.


In, Why not. I had been the only woman on her Schlönzke Song recital seen, Mrs van tastic but not seen on the travesty boards, so far as one could see times.

…Now my wife has invited Schlönzke so freely to her recital, such a sweet invitation did not come this time… Was she perhaps because the effect of the program or uncertain?? Well I'm there like a restaurant critic. Uninvited and unnoticed at the most critical.


So I came to the AHA, paid my contribution to this show, einen Club Mate Ice Tea, flipped in the blu and the Victory Column and waited for things, that there should come as. Finding a place was this time not really difficult, because at about 12-15 Besucherngab there is sufficient availability – However, not enough opportunities, to escape the two main actors on stage, because you should watch a little, if you spend an evening at the two. It could be, that one finds oneself at once before but not ON the stage and unintentionally become part of the show… Fortunately, the chance of that happening seems slightly larger, know if the two a. Unerkanne and uninvited seem to be there a little safer. My luck.


Now, I was luckily not to be taken into consideration dragged on stage and could thus pursue undisturbed the show from the perspective of a spectator – and film – which in turn was not unnoticed.

However, it was once again in this idea, how easy the differences between Kreuzberg and Mitte travesty / Friedrichshain travesty are Nix Madonna, Nix or any soul diva Kylie. The AHA is sung German and the songs were all old but already a bit longer than the specified 5 Years. Well that does not have to be bad. Just classic and so far it is just not in it, to move as coherent mouth but a show to tinker around it and the Masses 12-15 To captivate viewers. But they have really done well.

Even if I only one of the Best Of… Knew pieces I felt entertained. The one that I knew the way, was the following piece of Egon, that KoRa van tastic and that I was the best on the grand Gender X Documentation first saw – and now could actually watch just once as a live performance. Class rather.


At the end there was something, wass there are any good transvestite revue and for the Mary Morgan is probably the most famous. A number of will be washed off, the jewelry and disappears at the end of the wig is recognized even. So if you want to know times, as the person behind Margot Schlönzke really looks like, then the following number is for you. Just once looks in.


I was then detected incidentally still. There are simply too few people, the mitfilmen such an event and KoRa saw in me then but Zoe, the most “is without a fumble since, so that we do not recognize”. Marhot and wondered how because that would, they would have invited me but not at… ..As I said, now and then I come uninvited…. This does not of course, dass ich mich zur Fledermaus nicht über eine Einladung freuen würde 😉


Also, It was a fun evening and both deserved some viewers more… Also schaut mal hin, if the two do a show.


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