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Of rain was nothing in the announcement

So we did not expect. The weather forecast for CSD Berlin spoke of “occasional rainfall”… The definition of the word weather frog “occasionally” I would like to see again. Meant for me “occasionally” have actually always. Rarely + a little. I do not know, whether the dictionary has a different meaning for. Maybe say “occasionally” New International. “throughout, except briefly”

No matter, the CSD Berlin was and so a bit of rain can not stop us yes, to visit the CSD. “To us” were in this case, Sheila Kylie Minogue in blue outfit, Nina as the Pink Bunny, Olga as a butterfly, Janka as a blue peacock, I was a red Phoenix and for a while yet as Stella Zebra. Zurechgemacht so we were this time even almost from start traveling and have the photographers and the viewers zsahlreichen, Despite the rainy weather came on display.

Stella DeStroy, Janka Kroft & Sheila Wolf

At least initially you had incidentally have no fear, Janka one that could steal the show as a Peacock, because they distributed flyers to the most important party tonight in the CSD Berlin Kino International. Dropping by! Consequently, the peacock feather their great wheel was not set up. Olga has since rather just strapped Fixed wing… Although I do not quite understand it until now, how could olge two times on the CSD Berlin be. Everyone knows yes, Olga that the chicken is in Schlüppi. Therefore, I must here have probably Olga equal two times on the image. Camera Obskura….

Olga Wodka und Schlüiit auf dem CSD Berlin
Schlüppi the chicken & Olga Wodka
After a short time we came closer to the RBB Lounge, in the :Nina Queer: moderato just showed her talent to the world. Well at least the public in the transmission area of ​​the RBB. A good reason for a short stopover on a few nice words, a Prosecco and a shelter under the large RBB “Parasols”, which nonetheless were more umbrellas on this day.

Nina Queer & Stella DeStroy

Just as we sipped our output by Nina Prosecco Tatjana Taft came around the corner. …Tatjana yes every year a great outfit and will certainly again this year one of the most frequently photographed most people being. Hot and fiery outfit, this time….

Unfortunately, the type, I pressed my hand into a video camera instead of a picture made… Therefore, only a lousy picture of the two of us. Damage. Let's see, maybe I will not get to the CSD in Cologne next week, or CSD in Hamburg a better picture of her / to us.

Tatjana Taft & Zoe Delay
Tatjana Taft & I

Tatiana is definitely not a person, that should accompany management too.. At least not, if you want to be immortalized in a photo. And I want that I had them pull of Dannen.

It did not last long, and already appeared on the next two acquaintances: Frankfurt was in Berlin. Two blond Afro hairstyles came to us. These are then probably the two crazy chickens Babs Heart and Jacki Powers. Let's see, on which party we see again today the two evening.

Babsi Heart & Jacki Powers

Apropos Party, I have to get ready now. Tomorrow we continue.


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