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gaypride Berlin 2008 Part II

Rainbow Flag

Bac to Part I

So we let the two crazy chickens Frankfurt seemingly continue to the end of the parade and the parade itself followed straight away when suddenly the music was. What had happened? Power failure at all Truicks simultaneously.. Hmm, can not really be, yes because the trucks have no extension cords, which would have connected to the public electricity network and that at one blow all the generators at once give up their mind, is actually as well never happened. It was funny – and unexpectedly – especially, because no one knew exactly, what was going on.


We suspected – correctly as it turned out in retrospect – Daran dass will lag, that our part of the parade was just at the Holocaust Memorial and has been omitted for reasons of piety to the music. Actually a terrific action, but it would have been better, if you would have understood this action and if it had been pointed vielleciht.


When we left this silence and the monument behind us, then went back to the music and we met some politicians. While we are just behind the car “the Left” hinterherstöckelte, we saw Kühnast woman standing at the roadside and had to talk about it briefly with a effigy four ladies, where we did not talk about long. A short time later we met with Angela Merkel in person – or something like that. Although I do not know. Somehow I have just seen twice.

Angela Merkel

In the curve in front of Potsdamer Platz it was finally a little Sunny and fully. Fully not only on the road but also ON the road, because some trucks had bad problems on the curve. So stopped a parade after time. But was away at Potsdamer Platz is the best. had something of crowd of people.

Tom also had their cameras placed there for the transfer. Later I was able to verify www.onlinetvrecorder.com, that we were at the wrong time, wrong place. I saw Nina us far away approaching slowly, Tom turned as the advertising. MIST. As Tom then carried on of course we were pulled over – without being in the picture. Janka and Sheila, however, were in the picture and that in my – and not entirely coincidentally just as the large poster in the background of the Blue Man Group go. Blue Drag Group?

Blue Man Group

Jupp, the area around Potsdamer Platz was the most exciting, you could hardly get out of the posturing – what you also do not want – but it was almost a little hard to talk sometimes. For example, with the two girls, me that I not only posed for a photo for me. The photographer, I thanked the, said the two: Yes we are Hamburg friendly… *Stutz – how do they know where I am * not know, but they were from Hamburg… I can not believe, since you have an extra draw to Berlin a few times to make hamburger girls..


No 10 Meters but I was taken aback again, as two girls (and real time) came up to me and responded me by name, they needed a picture with me… Generally, I wonder about almost anything, But when people, I do not know, call me by name, I'm always a bit confused. It turned out, that the two girls the blog absolutely Friedenau typing and are frequently found here in the comments… Had I been asked yet, who as well put behind, Now I know it, these two girls.





And it ran on the CSD already ridiculous people around, that you have to really say, because we were really normal. a few hundred meters behind the Potsdamer Platz, for example, were two mistresses around, had a total of four slaves here, on the statement: “All slaves go to the ground” hastily react as desired. What, however, had to look this blue flutter animal in this ensemble, I do not really. Fickle thing.




Somehow I lost at this point of the parade my tour group. But more on that in the third part of the CSD 2008 Berlin tomorrow.


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