Zoe wanted desperately

strictly speaking not wanted, but attempts – more detail and tries to call.


In my company there is a rule, stating, that Daer ringtone from your mobile phone must be switched off…. Since I like to forget that once had that chon often the result, I was not reachable lämgere time, because I just did not catch, that the phone had been ringing sometime. This weekend was such a “longer time”. Although my phone was at, but it is flatly. Sometime around 23 Clock, I called Sheila, as it would go on for the evening's. So when more, because”as” was so far clear. Was the first Boheme Sauvage announced, Berlin 20he years Party.


The phone call I made with “I still need about half an hour”. To conclude from the past, I had about half an hour later to expect a call from Sheila, thought was quite right. The call was also, I just got it with nothing, also from the next, the next and then not… Stupid. Meanwhile, I wondered mch, why the girls would need so long…


I thought Sometime against two clock me “The need but now its finally ready.” They were natural and they have already celebrated on the Boheme Sauvage oxymoron and wondered, which have been with me since, whether I had slept or was just plain dead…. I was not, I was ready – namely long.


Get in your car and off to the oxymoron, still just said the street hooker, that they had better should not pull on the wig to me today – otherwise of course not – but that was not object of discussion and into the Boheme Sauvage…


…what was that? The Boheme Sauvage war fast learning…. So late I was not even… woran is lag, I do not know, but it really was not as empty as long. But also not stuffy or humid. But it was still very nice, for there were still nice people there, such as Marcella, the – as she called it yet – Had launched war paint, although the enemy did not appear… good or bad for him, you do not know.

Oh a photo!

In any case, we did not stay so long – better I was not so long, because the others were already half hours since, when I showed up. The CSD Kino International party was waiting for us.


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