Bodies Without Organs @ Kino International

gaypride Berlin 2008 -The Party


Man kennt es ja, the parties, the vast, are really great and even incomparably, are usually NOT the best. Usually this happens at least once a year to Silvesterm but also relatively common to CSDs.

The CSD of course attracts many people in the city, but since each club, holding on to something, CSD hosted a party, this many people spread over many clubs, all of which are half full and every club are a few party-goers, which means, that there are no Party, are really on the many party-goers. So it was this time.


Was there last year actually just a real party, namely the CSD Avenue consisting of the GMF Cafe in Moscow and the Clubs International in Kino International there was this big party this year no longer, because the GMF has moved.

We moved the party from the Club International. But for this we had to see firstonce, that we are on the guest list, because of me for some reason was the motto “Travesty Zahl not” set this weekend at the International Club except force. Sheila but somehow got it right again and we came in at the normal price – free.


The Party selber Biggi Blonde and Zoe behind the controls, Stella DeStroy and :Nina Queer: on the stage. Actually, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it, but somehow it does not really sparked this evening. I also do not know why. Lots of light from the entire day we were just a little broken, perhaps too little familiar faces were there, maybe it was a little too hot – but perhaps it was also all a little.


This is the impression the party was somehow the show act “Bodies Without Organs” not entirely allay. This Swedish pop band, the singer probably remembered not only by Mika made me a little cute, but not earth-shattering music, and two of the three songs sounded in my ears still somehow the same.


It gab aber Personen, were deeply moved by the music – Nun ja, why not. Tastes are different.

Nundenn relatively fixed after the show we ended the CSD Berlin as almost every Saturday at Mc Donalds.


Btw. what I have noticed about Nina Queers moderation in the afternoon. Your guests were Maringo and DJ Divinity, produces her music and DJ Zoe, has been securely mounted on Nina evening party not randomly. Ein Schelm wer da böses denkt 😉

No matter, It was a nice interview and can be found here:



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