Map Cologne

I did the feet hurt from standing


…in, because we have made so my name again all honor – and I was not even particularly blame.

What happens, when four trannies in Cologne are, who live in different places in the city and all on the same event (This fall the Christopher Street Day in Cologne) will??? Well it is, something like that ends in a nasty time delay and usually a recipe for disaster. With us, in any case, in that the former ordinary time delay.


The plan was, that I should come to Sheila and Sarah and we would go together to Janka. …Unfortunately, to Neimand has been viewed previously, what would that actually mean. So we are taking about 5 Minutes for Deutz bridge (the starting point of the CSD) rather about 15 Minutes down to Janka, there have been waiting for more people to be more 10-15 Minutes to drive to Cologne purely.


..For this we need zwo taxes and we could finally say with complete justification “Follow that car” yes where sat the rest of our tour group CSD. Somewhere in the center of Cologne at the opera they let us out and we were like kittens and basted Phoenixes there and waited for the train.

From a distance we saw the parade and meet some 300 Meters turn away around a corner. Stupid, because we had to stay there rather than just sit stöckeln to our corner and wait for Nina. And that alone was difficult, because actually neither Nina knew where we were, yet we knew, where we were, yet we knew, wo Nina war. And generally we knew all of us not in Cologne. Find stupid assumption to be.


So we stood there and stood and stood and posed a little. That alone would of course have been insanely boring, if it were not for a little thing to do. For example, we eregten the attention of a camera crew, for the Schick show were traveling from Rocketboom.

Slowly we learn the answers in front of cameras, because we responded well – okay okay, they did not ask about politics or other things, but about fashion. We can and we are actually real time professional women…

Eggs, the film cameras. They never want us and then suddenly they are all there…. Just as we were talking with Ehrensenf came by a camera of the ARD and would like to have filmed us, if we had just been released… but we were not. Too bad!

So while we stood out to passersby and Cameras, we noticed a girl in 20s outfit, that needed to be urgently photographed, So we asked them. …Amazement in her eyes…

You ask ME???



 Na klar tun wir das, because when someone gives trouble, then we see that and we acknowledge the. Moreover, the good lady would ideal for Boheme Sauvage fit when we are indeed Stammgästinnen. And mal sehen, she has my map, yes maybe she reads with.

…I could go on for hours now, as we waited for the train, because it seemed to me also, than it would have been real hours. But Nina reached us just before the train arrived with us. Now, finally, we could start with the parade of the Christopher Street Day in Cologne.

…that we got fairly wide at the end of the CSD track, but we did not know it himself, and should only be aware of us, when we arrived at the finish. Times only to illustrate the following map. The blue bar is the path and the red point is that when we finally got in. …about the letze quarter…

Map Cologne

We would be the possible 300 Gestöckelt meters, we have noticed about half. Although this is also little, but clearly more.

Thus was, as we got in the best weather in the parade of the CSD and warm we ran slowly, the parade actually already finished, when we had just reached operating temperature. Too bad.

Well at least we met Tatjana Taft and Daphne dragee and also live ertmalig Shirley Sugar. At least nice short meeting on the short way.

Daphne Dragee & Shirley Sugar

Well, at least still have a bit of the parade, then we looked at the goal for a while and realized once again, that shoes / Feet do much more hurt, if you can not go, but must be.

Where our CSD trip then at Chicken McNuggets and ended Milkshake, I think I need, not too mention extreme… Bei Mc Donalds…


Our trip was short on her parade of the Christopher Street Day in Cologne


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